"Teachers able to teach, free from interruption and disturbance.  Climate for Learning especially good. Saw overwhelmingly good behaviour.
Pupils prepared to listen attentively and then work silently/independently as directed."

Chris Morris, National Leader of Education (March 2020)

Ofsted visit - November 2020

Ofsted carried out a remote monitoring visit as part of a national survey of schools looking at our response to the pandemic.  The letter is on their website here.


Ofsted update - April 2020

It is odd writing about Ofsted and School Improvement in the middle of lockdown due to Coronavirus, but life will continue, schools will reopen and we are focused on continuing our trajectory of swift improvement as a whole school. Our school improvement process tackles the evaluation of our progress so far and the improvements that we know that we still need to make, both to secure our "Good" status once again and also for the wider improvement of the school. Our School Improvement page is the best place to see our priorities, evaluation and actions.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at school - head@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk.

Ofsted "one year on" - June 2019

Following the 2018 Ofsted inspection a lot of work has been undertaken to sharpen and improve our practice across the school.  Please have a look at the blog for parents/carers to see a summary of activity and plans for the coming 12 months.... https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/blog/2019-06-21-16-11-51-wld-update-sunday-23rd-june-2019

2018 Ofsted inspection 13th & 14th June 

Many thanks to all parents/carers, students and staff who completed the Ofsted questionnaires during the inspection. Thank you for all the messages of support and encouragement for the school.  The report refers to a parent's view that ‘the teachers allow each pupil’s personality to shine’ which we believe typifies our school. The report can be found in the documents below and is on the Ofsted website.

We are obviously disappointed that the report says that we require improvement.  Our care for each individual child continues to be identified as good, which is a key feature of our school.

The basic issue that Ofsted identified is that, whilst they saw good practice, this was not seen consistently across the school - we need to be as good as we can be absolutely everywhere in school.  This is a matter of monitoring, evaluation and continuing to spread best practice.  The school has not fundamentally changed - we have been identified as a good school by Ofsted for the last decade - and so we will swiftly address the issues identified in the report so that we regain that status at the earliest opportunity.  The report is very clear that we have the capacity to address these issues rapidly and effectively.  Please be assured that we will act extremely quickly to ensure that we are consistently good or better in all that we do.    

Please contact us at school if you wish to raise any matters related to the Ofsted report - we are very happy to talk to anyone about the issues raised by Ofsted, or indeed any other matters of concern.  While we are clearly disappointed we know that it is the close partnership between school and parents & carers that is a key factor in enabling each of our young people to succeed.

Update 1st November 2018:  We have acted swiftly to commission external reviews of areas of our provision.  The Science Review is below and the Pupil Premium Review can be found here.

Inspections and Reviews

2014 Ofsted Report

We were inspected by a team of 4 inspectors over 2 days - Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd July. They looked at every aspect of the school and judged the school to be GOOD in all respects.

Unlike previous inspections Ofsted make only 4 judgements - Achievement, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour & Safety, and Leadership, together with an 'Overall Effectiveness' summary judgement. Each area was graded 2 - Good.

Whilst were delighted with the outcome the new style reports this does not allow the inspectors to give a true picture and flavour of our school; inspection reports now come across as bland !. They also do not provide the detail found in earlier reports.

Many schools are finding it difficult to keep their previous Ofsted rating, with a more difficult inspection regime in place. We are therefore delighted to have kept our GOOD rating.

Verbally the inspectors referred to the:

'uniqueness of the school'

which referred to our inclusive ethos of care, support and concern for the individual, together with challenging each student to do their best. Throughout their time here they were clearly impressed with the very positive and strong relationships between everyone at the school. They were also equally impressed with student behaviour, having questioned lots of students, a bus driver, Governors, teachers etc. In school we felt that our students were outstanding and could not have done better in representing themselves and their school. There was also a great deal of praise for the teamwork in school, the complete lack of vandalism and graffitti, the levels of attendance, extra - curricular provision etc. The inspectors also noted the very positive feedback from parents on Parent View.

We could not have asked for more from everyone at the school.

A copy of the report can be found below or from the Ofsted website. A sumary of views from parents can also be found below or through the link below.

Ofsted: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/119743

Parent View: https://parentview.of


2011 Ofsted Report

In 2008 Walton-le-Dale was judged to be a Good School by Ofsted. We were inspected again in 2011 and judged to be Good with some Outstanding Features. We were particularly proud of the comments about our inclusive ethos and concern for every individual.

Ethos, Care & Support:

‘Walton-le-Dale is a good school. It provides outstanding care, guidance and support. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of the school’s ethos and students describe the school as ‘like a family, where everyone knows each other’. Great care is taken to ensure that every student can participate fully in school life and receives precisely tailored support to meet their specific needs and remove barriers. The school’s work to ensure equality of opportunity is outstanding.’

Transferring to Walton-le-Dale:

‘The quality of transition is a particular strength of the school, including for students who arrive during the school year.…..The excellent transition programme, including the ‘MOTHS’ outreach project, is a major strength of the school.’

Student Progress:

‘High-quality tracking and intervention alongside outstanding care, guidance and support are major contributing factors to the good progress that students make…… Their positive attitudes to learning and to personal development contribute to the good progress that they make.’

The full Inspection Report:

Ofsted Report 2011

Please find below, useful links to information on how Ofsted carry out their inspections, and the frameworks they follow:

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