Our uniform

All students are expected to wear the school uniform and maintain the highest standards of appearance at all times.

We believe that the wearing of a school uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in, and identity with the school, and at the same time minimises social divisions between students.  All schools in South Ribble agree a common approach to their uniform policy - please see the document at the bottom of this page.


School Uniform

Compulsory items

  • Black school blazer with the school badge on the top pocket
  • White shirt with button up collar  - not a polo top
  • Clip-on grey school tie
  • WLD Black knee length pleated skirt - only available from school
  • Tailored black trousers - jeans-style, low waisted, very flared, legging-style, belted etc types of trousers are not allowed,
  • Black or white socks/black tights. No over the knee socks to be worn.
  • Plain black shoes  - Sensible black, plain shoes must be worn that are leather or leather looking. Shoes that are fabric, canvas or suede will not be permitted. Similarly, boots, training/sports shoes or sports brands will not be permitted. Shoes must be plain black with no logos, stripes (including black) or additional colours present and the laces must be black. Shoes should have a back to them and heels should be low.
  • A suitable school bag large enough to carry all their equipment and books for school each day.

Optional items

  • Black V-necked sweater with the school motif embroidered on the left hand side. 
  • Sensible outdoor coats.  Denim, leather, track suit, hooded tops, sweat shirts and other fashion garments are not allowed.  There is sometimes a discussion about what constitutes an "outdoor coat":  the dictionary definition states that it is "worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry".  It is therefore worn over the blazer and the rest of the uniform. 

 Uniform Standards

  • Blazers should be worn at all times by all students.  They may be removed in class at the discretion of the teacher.  A jumper in place of a blazer should NOT be worn. 
  • Trainers must NOT be worn in school apart from in Physical Education lessons.
  • Any request for permission to be excused wearing an item of uniform must be made in writing to the form tutor giving the reason and the period for which it is sought.  The school has items of uniform which may be lent to a student without the correct attire, so that they can attend lessons as normal.
  • Hair accessories should be of simple design. Extreme haircuts are not permitted. A #2 is the shortest hair permissible.
  • Make-up is permitted as long as it is subtle - no heavy eye make-up/lipstick.
  • For health and sefty reasons no jewellery should be worn in school other than a watch (Smart watches are not allowed). Earrings, nose. tongue, face, body studs/bars etc are strictly prohibited as are acrylic nails or similar items. tudents who arrive in school with such items will do their work in isolation.  Students are not allowed nail polish and are asked to remove it.  We always have a stock of polish remover in the pastoral offices. False eyelashes are not permitted due to health and safety

Religious considerations

Students whose religious beliefs require legs to be covered can wear tailored trousers or may wear black salwar kameez.

PE Uniform

Compulsory items

  • Navy polo shirt with school badge
  • Navy blue shorts with school badge
  • Navy/sky blue football socks
  • Trainers (laced) that are suitable for sport and offer ankle support (not pumps, converse etc)
  • Shin pads (students will be unable to participate in matches without shin pads in football and hockey lessons. This is guidance the school must follow).
  • Mouth guard (students will be unable to participate in matches without a mouth guard in Rugby and Hockey. This is guidance the school must follow).

Optional items

  • Tracksuit bottoms with school badge
  • Track top with school badge
  • Skort with school badge
  • Leggings with school badge
  • Gloves with grip (gloves without grip are not allowed/safe)

 PE Standards

Physical Education is a legal and important part of a student’s education and therefore it is essential for students to have their PE kit for every PE lesson, regardless of illness or injury.

There may be occasions where a student may not be able to participate fully due to illness/injury.  However, in these circumstances the student can take on the role of coach, official or another role but they must wear their PE kit, which would prevent their school uniform from getting wet if the lesson is outside and raining.

The PE Department has, therefore, made it a policy that:

  1. PE kit must be taken to every PE lesson.
  2. If a student is unwell or has an injury, they must bring a letter from their parent/carer stating the reason and where applicable the length of time that the student be unable to participate fully. The student must attend PE with their PE kit.  
  3. If students are injured to the point that they are unable to get changed a medical note is required


It is important that students are independent and responsible and part of that is provision of their own stationery and equipment.  We can buy in bulk and we don't pay VAT so, while you can buy these items from elsewhere, we strongly suggest that you buy these from our uniform shop.  The whole pack will cost £5.00. It will be essential for all students to have these items:    

Compulsory items

1 x Dry wipe pen
1 x Purple pen
1 x Black pen
1 x Red pen
1 x HB Pencil
1 x Rubber
1 x Ruler
1 x Highlighter
1 x Glue Stick

1 pack of coloured pencils
1 x Protractor
1 x pencil case


In addition to the stationery above, students must also have the following:

1 x Scientific Calculator (see below for recommendation) 

A plastic refillable water bottle

Apron for technology, science and art lessons

Hair bobbles - hair must be tied back for Technology, Science and PE lessons

Scissors, pencil sharpeners and compasses will be loaned to students and should not be brought into school.

All students must have their own scientific calculator, it is strongly suggested that consider purchasing fx-83GT or fx-85GT as shown in the images. These preferred models are "natural display" CASIO calculators and can be obtained from many sources including supermarkets and online. 


Students will need a bag large enough to carry all their equipment and books for each school day.


Water is the only drink that can be brought into school - we suggest that all students bring their own water bottle so that they can stay hydrated during the day

School Uniform Shop

The school runs its own uniform shop with Trutex and Stitch Design as our suppliers.

The school now operates an online payment system for school uniform through PARENTPAY. If you would like to use this facility you can use the following link to the ParentPay website:


During term time the uniform shop is open to students during each break time.