What we offer

To ensure we work successfully to the Gatsby Benchmarks we offer a variety of activities and organise various opportunities for students to take advantage of, these include – 

Personal One to One Careers Guidance - sessions are offered at critical points including for all Year 9 and Year 11 students. These are impartial, one-to-one meetings between students and a professionally qualified careers adviser.  These meetings are to offer support and advice about GCSE options and post 16 options, they can also help students to recognise their skills, qualities and interests so that they can make well informed and realistic decisions about their future career. A record of these meetings are available for students to access. 

University and College tasters – Opportunities to explore post 16 and post 18 options first hand, widen understanding and knowledge of FE and HE options and raise aspirations.  

Careers and Apprenticeship Fairs – Chances to meet with employers, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers including opportunities to discuss live vacancies, widen understanding of the local labour market, explore individual options and apply for suitable opportunities.

Guest Speakers / Employer led Workshops – Students are given opportunities to engage with industry professionals, listen to employer’s talk about their roles and how these fit within their sector and undertake interactive activities to ‘have a go’ while widening student’s understanding of the world of work and employment options in the local area.   

Work Experience/ Work Place Visits – Again encouraging students to learn about their strengths, skills and interests by ‘having a go’ and experiencing work places first hand. Aiming to raise aspirations and understanding of local job opportunities. For more information click this link.

Mock Interviews – In Year 11 all students will experience a mock interview with an employer which resembles a real interview as closely as possible, where they are given personal feedback to help prepare them for future interviews.

Links to Curriculum – Giving the opportunity to understand how curriculum subjects link to the world of work, connecting their education to careers and skills required in the labour market, employability and living in the wider world.

Drop Ins – Students are welcome to drop in to speak to Miss Royal at break, lunch time and after school every day. Whether this is for further advice and guidance and to help deal with any concerns or issues. College prospectus, training provider information, employer’s details and application forms are also accessible.  There is also lots of information regarding Universities, interview preparation and open events information.

Parent’s Evenings / Options Evening - Personal guidance and advice for students and parents will also be offered at Years 9, 10 & 11 Parent’s Evenings, and Y9 Options Evening for advice on GCSE options.  Local colleges and training providers will also be present at these events.

Student Responsibility

  • Achieve the best grades you possibly can by continually working hard and being responsible for your studies. 
  • Show you motivation outside of the classroom including extra curricular and other school events and taking advantage of opportunities such as becoming a Librarian or Prefect
  • Actively take part in the opportunities given to explore you own skills and qualities, interests and individual preferences to understand the best option for you post 16 but also preparing you for the world of work.