Pastoral Support 

At Walton-le-Dale High School we place student’s wellbeing at the heart of the school with an emphasis on 

  • Being READY to learn 


  • Being SAFE 

As a school community we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that all people have: 

  • The right to learn 

  • The right to teach 

  • The right to feel secure 

  • The right to be respected 

To ensure that all individuals of school community have these rights we aim to support students as individuals with their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs. 

We believe that pastoral care within the school should: 

  • support the student in achieving their potential. 

  • encourage a sense of worth. 

  • provide a secure environment which allows students to be confident in school. 

  • develop social skills, including the development of self-reliance, self-discipline and self-confidence. 

  • foster a sense of community and encourage respect for others. 

  • provide guidance and advice for students and be a link with other outside agencies where necessary. 

  • provide systems whereby a student’s progress is monitored and provide the means to intervene when problems arise which affect them. 

  • provide a link between home and school. 

  • provide co-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom to further develop student’s experiences. 

  • provide opportunities for leadership within our school body. 

  • to follow a pastoral programme with an emphasis on character virtues and values 

Pastoral support is based on the belief that a positive culture of praise, encouragement and support of students is likely to ensure the most effective environment in which to promote good school relationships and enhance student motivation and achievement. 

House System 

At Walton-le-Dale, we believe education can change young people’s lives. We also believe that education is for life and is more than preparing students for exams. We want our students to leave with the best exam results possible, but we also want them to leave us as well-rounded people. We want our students to live effectively, now and in the future, as individuals, members of groups and in society at large, with due respect for their community and the environment. 


In order to further support our ethos our school is structured into 5 houses, Apollo, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour and Voyager. Within each house there are six vertical tutor groups. Each House has a non-teaching House Achievement Leaders (HAL) available for supporting students and their parents/carers. 


The House structure enhances our pastoral support by 


  • creating a sense of identity for our students 

  • allowing students to collaborate with students of different year groups. 

  • developing social skills with students of different ages 

  • expanding the opportunities for student leadership 

  • further developing elements of competition 

  • aiding with transition from year 6 to 7 

  • supporting with communication as students within one family will be in one house. 


Pastoral support team 




Mrs P. Wall 

Deputy Headteacher 

Student Support 

Mr J. Gardner 


Mrs D. McClelland 

Behaviour Lead 

Mrs C. Rowson 

Wider Life Lead 

Miss. C. Fox 

House Achievement Leader 


Mr N. Samuel

House Achievement Leader 


Mrs. J. Meadowcroft 

House Achievement Leader 


Mr D. Martin  

House Achievement Leader 


Mr S. Campbell 

House Achievement Leader 


Mrs H. Myerscough 

Attendance Officer 

Mrs R. Sheridan 

Safeguarding Officer 

Miss S. Yates 

Family Support Worker 

Mrs J. King