A message from our Head Girl and Head Boy

“As Head Girl and Head Boy of Walton-le-Dale High School, we have witnessed school life from a student’s perspective.

Attending a small school has multiple benefits as it means from the first day at Walton-le-Dale; we have grown to know a large number of students not just within our own year, but also students in the years below and above. By attending a smaller school, we have also been able to develop closer relationships with the teaching staff creating a ‘Family atmosphere’ and a close community background that would be difficult to maintain in a larger school.

Walton-le-Dale High School has helped us as students to achieve our academic potential with each and every teacher giving their time during lunches and after school to participate in extra revision classes and catch-up sessions. This ensures that each student receives the one to one help they need to achieve their target grade. However, Walton-le-Dale also develops student’s confidence as we are free to express ourselves in the extra-curricular activities that are available. We believe that our confidence has grown throughout our school life as we are able to show ourselves as individuals whilst receiving a challenge.

As students, we would highly recommend attending Walton-le-Dale High School as it will enable you to learn in an environment where every student matters”. 

As Louise and Jack come to the end of their time as Head Girl and Head Boy, we thank them for everything that they have done for the school and wish them all the best in their coming GCSE examinations. 

We welcome Matthew Winstone and Hannah Bateman as the new Head Boy and Head Girl (2018-2019):




A warm welcome to Walton-le-Dale High School. We hope this website will provide you with a true flavour of what our school is about.

We are a small school (just over 700 students) and get to know each other very well. We are recognised locally and nationally as a truly inclusive school where we value each and every one of our students as an individual. We believe that all children should be treated as such, and that it is our job to make sure that they develop their individual talents to the full.

Our core aim is to create a happy, secure and caring environment that enables students to learn and mature. We want our students to work hard, achieve their best and develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others. We want our students to strive for excellence in all that they do. We want our students to feel proud of their school and of themselves.

Walton-le-Dale has improved a great deal in recent years. Our most recent Ofsted inspection concluded that we are good with outstanding features. We will continue to improve, because we challenge ourselves and our students to meet the high standards we are convinced you, as parents, wish to see.

We also know that education is a partnership between home and school. We cannot succeed without your help and active support.

You are, of course, very welcome to contact us if you would like a tour of the school.



James Harris



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