For many years we have held creative, imaginative days for primary school students at Walton-le-Dale.  This year, because of the pandemic, we couldn't do that, so we decided to give primary pupils a virtual insight into the lessons that a Year 7 would experience when they joined us.  Primary classes could drop in and out of the lessons as they wished and questions were asked about the subjects (or life at secondary school) via a secure question and answer system. 

It was a brilliant day - all the sessions were recorded and are below, following the timetable for the day....

8.50 Introduction to the day from Mr Harris, Headteacher


9.00 Humanities

9.30  French - the Powerpoint with voiceover is in the resources below

10.00  Science

10.30  Maths

11.00  English - the Powerpoint with voiceover is in the resources below

11.30  An insight into life in Year 7 - this can be accessed here and the interviews with Year 7 students follow....

12.00  Technology

12.30  Drama

13.00  Art

13.30  PE - the Powerpoint is in the resources below and the short video about the facilities can be found on our Open Evening 2020 page

14.00  Computing

14.30  Music - this lesson can be accessed here

15.00  Conclusion - Mr Harris, Headteacher

Here are some resources along with the lessons which were recorded as Powerpoints with voice-over, rather than videos.

Resources for Virtual Primary Day 2021