In the light of the Covid-19 guidance on opening the school to all students in September 2020 each student will need to provide their own stationery.  Most schools have insisted on this anyway, but we have typically been generous in lending equipment to students.  The pandemic makes lending regularly used equipment impossible.  We can buy in bulk and we don't pay VAT so, while you can buy these items from elsewhere, we strongly suggest that you buy these from our uniform shop.  The whole pack will cost £5.00. It will be essential for all students to have these items from September 2020:    

1 x Dry wipe pen
1 x Purple pen
1 x Black pen
1 x Red pen
1 x HB Pencil
1 x Rubber
1 x Ruler
1 x Sharpener
1 x Highlighter
1 x Glue Stick
1 x Scissors
1 pack of coloured pencils
1 x Protractor
1 x Compass
1 x pencil case


Additionally, it is strongly suggested that each student has their own calculator.  The preferred models are any "natural display" CASIO calculator - the standard entry level ones have a model number that starts either fx-83GT or fx-85GT as shown in the images below.  These can be obtained from many sources including supermarkets and online.