How we use our pupil premium

Since April 2011 the government has provided some additional funding to improve the achievement of students eligible for free school meals. In 2011-12 this was £488 per student and in 2012-13 this rose to £600 per student, with a further increase in 2013-14. We now receive about £900 per student under this initiative. Walton-le-Dale has used the funding to support the work it does to prevent underachievement. We have taken this approach since the funding started, with some minor changes since April 2012. Support includes:

  • One to one tuition in English & Maths
  • Small group sizes in English & Maths
  • Mentoring & intervention across all subjects
  • Counselling, including support for families
  • Financial support for uniform, transport etc

At Walton-le-Dale we set challenging targets for all our students which take account of their prior attainment and natural ability, as identified by our testing in Y7. We always set the most challenging targets for individual students, regardless of their background.

Our tracking system is rigorous and we identify underachieving students early. When we believe a student is underachieving we put in a range of measures to address this; these measures depend upon the issue and the student themselves. These measures include mentoring, literacy intervention groups and one to one tuition.  Where we believe underachievement is due to home circumstances we will always discuss this with parents and try to help and advise. For example the school provides additional counselling and mentoring where attendance is an issue through our Attendance Officer. We have also provided support for uniform, trips and transport. Students studying their GCSEs may also get support in purchasing revision guides. This is all considered on an individual student basis.

We also track our students once they leave us, continuing to offer support where needed, and helping to ensure they find a college place or employment. Very few of our students leave without having a college place, apprenticeship or job to go on to.

The documents below provide details of how we spend our Pupil Premium (PP) grant and the latest evaluation of our strategies.

Pupil Premium

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