Our Admissions Policy is to accept all students up to our admission number whose needs we have the human and physical resources to meet, and for whom we can provide suitable courses, in line with LA policies as defined in its Secondary Schools Admission booklet. The standard number of places currently available for admissions is 157.

Currently, we have no students with a physical impairment. There are ramps to enable students in wheelchairs to be fully accessible to all parts of the building.

After the beginning of the school year on 1 September, applications, should be made, in the first instance to the Headteacher.

Parents have the right of appeal against a decision by an admissions authority in English not to admit their children to the school of their choice

The links below will provide information from Lancashire Education Authority and Blackburn Education Authority.


www.lancashire.gov.uk (search for admissions)

admissions @ blackburn.gov.uk if applying from a Blackburn school