We asked students about our school, these are some of the things that they said...

Survey carried out July 2020

Everybody is able to be their own person 
That this school has kind staff and they are very supportive.
The staff let you learn independently.
The tight knit relationship the students have with the teachers ,that it’s  a community it’s different to other schools a more welcoming and reassuring atmosphere.
I said I didn’t like school but I actually did , the pupil office were amazing with me . If I was happy, sad or anxious there was always someone there to talk to me. The atmosphere in the school is alive and happy 
The teachers are really helpful especially head of year and form tutors and most of the other students are helpful if you're lost.
I like school because of teachers who make our education possible. Their very nice. Also, it isn't that hard to find your way round the school. If your coming up from Year 6, there is nothing to worry about when coming to high school as everything will be ok. 
It does feel very inclusive
I like about how many different classrooms we have. We have many different blocks. You don't really get lost because it is a very small school. The teachers are really nice ONLY if you are nice to them back. It's a really fun school. We do lots of fun activities. I think that all of the teachers are nice at the school. Thanks. Sophie. 
Everyone is very friendly and it's easy to get around, the lessons are good and everyone is friendly
i think that the teachers and really good and nice to us. the rules are good, not too strict but keeps us all safe. when you're in year 8 you move into sections with other year groups where you make friends with some new people and that males the school very close and it feels like a community 
The teachers and how nice they are and the friends you make even people you don't know 
I love how friendly our school is! If you have a problem no teacher will ever turn you away. Our school has a great balance between hardworking and a happy place to be. Walton me dale is small but that’s what makes it special! 
What i love about school is they make sure you always have someone to talk to if you need and the after school activities.
I like that you can always talk to the teacher about any problems and that all the students are kind
I like how in our school if you need support you have many places and people to got too who will support you.
i like how there is a block just for year sevens
i like how there is a canopy for if you don't want to go to the hall
i also like how you can use your phone on breaks and lunch
i love science lessons and i really like DT technology for short and the atmosphere around school is lovely 
i like the teachers and i like science because of the wonderful practical we do 
I love how welcoming school is and how lovely the school environment is and the teachers make you feel safe in school.
I like how the teachers are all friendly and you can have a good friendship with them all and even open up to some of them. I also like how different teachers have different ways of making the lesson fun so you enjoy school while working and learning what you need.
I love having different lessons and I love having lots of friends in all my different lessons in my different classrooms. I have made so many memories at school it’s untrue you will love it here !
Walton le dale High school is like a family, since I joined in 2017, I have made so many friends. Some of my friends aren't even in my year, some are older.
I don't live near school but when I go I get to see my friends that live far away from me. 
 It is a lovely atmosphere all the teachers are welcoming and help you if you need any help. If you have any worries and any problems you can always speak to the head of year 7 Miss Bailey or anyone you feel comfortable in telling.  
I like the fact that when I need to talk to someone the teachers are very approachable i like how when I'm at school you will always make friends with people you never thought would be for example I'm friends with people now that i never thought i would be the teachers are very supportive in lessons to help you with work and to help you with any problems 
All of the Teachers and members of staff in school are very supportive towards the pupils, they do their best to include everyone in every way they can.
How everyone looks out for each other
This school has a good place for learning and the teachers are extremely helpful 
i like how everyone just goes with the flow and how the lessons are so much fun.
the things i love about my schools is all the activities you can do my favourite is drama because I love  acting and singing
all inclusive
I like wood tech club because it has a fun atmosphere and lets the students that go be very creative 
The teachers are very nice. There are tasty foods in the canteen.

The thing that I love most about our School is that we are like a big Family. The ethos at our school is not extensive but very important. The main things to remember is to challenge yourself because a day without challenges is an opportunity wasted that you can never get back.

I really like that all the teachers are super nice and helpful. I like that if you are stuck all you have to do is ask.
what i like about the school is how friendly everybody is including the teachers.
I also like that if i have any problems for example if i am struggling in a lesson or having problems during the day there is always somebody you can talk to and a place to go where they will help you out in any way they can.
I also really like how you can be your own person and wont be judged for doing so.
I like that everyone is treated fairly and if there are any issues you can share these with teachers, and they are dealt with, the school have also been fantastic supporting my gymnastics. 
Seeing my friends and how nice the teacher are.
I like the school because the staff are very nice and are very helpful and they all really care about you.  Also there are loads of clubs that you can join and everyone there is friendly. 
I think that the school is a great place and you feel like you have fun, while learning at the same time. I feel  as though the school is like a community, as the teachers know exactly how to help all students and you can make great friends. 
Walton Le Dale High School is an amazing secondary school with many different facilities like the classrooms, dance studio, sports hall, arts theatre, dining room, indoor canteen and music rooms with different musical instruments for the students to play in their lessons and I really loved everything about Walton Le Dale High School when I was a student there. At Walton Le Dale High School, the staff and students use aspire which stands for Achieving, Self - motivated, positive, Imaginative, Respectful, and Having Empathy and aspire is a system that has been used to boost the confidence and self esteem of their students so that they feel more determined to succeed with their education.
Walton Le Dale High School has a fantastic atmosphere of inclusion because every student has the same value and the teachers are always there for each of the students if they need to talk to them about struggles in school or when they would like some extra help and support from them and the staff are always supportive too.
Its has a relaxed and sensible atmosphere.
Every member of staff is welcoming and willing to help when there is a problem you’re struggling with.
I like everything about our school because to me its a safe place in school and i like all the features about school. The teachers are all nice students are all nice to 
It has a good atmosphere round the school and also you can have a laugh with the teachers 
i like how the school is friendly and accepting and all the teachers are extremely kind and are there to help if you need any help.
There's lots of variety in activities, and there's going to be something everyone can do and enjoy 
I like that the school is big on reading and anti bullying. I also like the lessons because they feel inclusive.
I like how we finish early but i like how we have a massive field so when it is summer we can go on it.  
The school atmosphere is nice and very welcoming as a new starter to year 7.
I like how nice and friendly the students and teachers are around school, and that if you ever have a question they will help you to find the answer.
The school is a bright place with teachers that are really nice and fun to be around even for the less able students as the atmosphere of inclusion is great i should know as I'm one of these lesser able students I'm suffering from autism nothing severe but I'm still getting help from the amazing staff and teachers.   
What i like about Walton is that they have a wide choice of active stuff to do such as music, football, basket ball and many more.
Our school is very supportive towards students, it has lots of support systems if something is wrong and if it's a common occurrence they have counselling available.
Teachers are friendly and easy to talk to 
The teachers and the environment and the students as well.
I think the school is a good and small school so you can get around the school well.
i think Walton le dale is the best there is a bunch of friendly people and a bunch of great teachers there are good after school clubs and other extra classes