We asked parents and carers about our school, these are some of the things that they said...

Survey carried out July 2020

The teachers want the best for the children inside and outside of school they are professional , approachable and want to help 
I feel support is always on hand when needed. 
Both my girls are very happy at school. Any issues dealt with quickly. 
Friendliness and lots of updates
I like that the school has a smaller population and my son has settled in well to his first year
Very supportive and understanding,  excellent at keeping parents in the loop about what is happening moving forward with going back to school etc, and a caring community who do all they can to help every child
I like how the staff are readily available and I also like how the school feels like a family for its pupils. 
I think your  a great school  and [] does enjoy  attending . 
Willingness to work alongside parents in a supportive way
It has such a friendly and supportive atmosphere, my daughters confidence has increased tremendously since day one! We definitely made the right choice.
Everything and everyone is approachable.
The school is a safe and invite place for my son, who has thrilled at Walton le dale through every year he has been in 
Students are actively encouraged to be more involved in their learning and are taught the benefits this can have for their future
Friendly, approachable, excellent at communication 
I think the ethos and aspire values are very positive and portray the school very well.
Caring school.  Lockdown has made this clear.  
Supportive school, whenever I have raised anything the school have always been very reponsive and compassionate. Pastoral support is as important to the school as academic support. Very welcoming.
The integrity of the school and staff doing their very best on a daily basis to support children and their learning throughout this pandemic. Keeping parents up to date with guidelines,  school work and wellbeing.
I think the level of education is great, the teachers seem really nice and under the current situation I like the daily updates from Mr Harris. 
Keeping in touch and updates 
The way in which it’s continued to support children with not just learning but also mental wellbeing during the pandemic has been fantastic, 
I like the fact that children are allowed to express themselves in a Variety of ways in a safe And non judgemental environment. I also particularly like the fact that the school puts a child’s mental health and wellbeing above the pressure for good grades.
Time has been taken to make sure []'s mental health has been helped. 
The positive caring and nurturing environment 
I always found the school to be an open welcoming place where my children have excelled to the best of their abilities,
Excellent pastoral care and an inclusive ethos.
The way in which you handle situations. 
A very warm and welcoming school and always there to answer any questions. I don’t have any worries or concerns about the boys while they are in school. 
Love the support offered to individuals to progress and shine.
I like the family feel - the teachers are fantastic and actually care about the kids x 
We like the family feel of the school and the strong relationships that are so apparent between the staff and pupils.
You really know my child.  Very good communication.
Keeps you well informed on child's progress and things that are happening in the school. 
I like that the school is not too big. I like that my child is happy in school, has friends and is comfortable with the teachers... and that the school is still small enough to care. 
I have always really appreciated the way the school supports children of all abilities with all aspects of their learning. I feel both my children have benefited greatly from this approach and have both been encouraged to achieve more than their potential in all areas. 
Teacher are supportive and are happy to help - Mrs Bailey has been brilliant 
The staff always go above and beyond for their students, from sitting down with a student at lunchtime and going to through work they didn't understand to giving extra support if required without being "statemented".  They genuinely care about everyone and strive for them to reach their potential.
The understanding of my child's additional needs 
Outside of Covid-19 the school ethos is one of warmth and inclusivity which we value as parents. 
The school focus is on the children’s well being first and each child being different. 
My child is happy! I worried about transistion he didn't and he was right not to.
I love that they constantly recognise and reward good behaviour , rather than the bad behaviour getting all of the attention and the good behaviour just be ignored because it is what is expected.
I think they have work super hard over this time during lockdown in support the children and providing school work. 
The mutual respect between pupils and staff, the pastoral care (especially for those who need extra support) and the varied opportunities offered to students.
Smaller classes and keep parents up to date with things
Very friendly staff and pupils 
Aiming high for each and every child whilst recognising individuality and that some children have their own unique challenges, looking to encourage the gifts and talents of those children that do. 
Kind inconsiderate  and very approachable 
We like the interaction with students and parents. Keeping both parties up to date with information throughout the year. 
I like the communication between teachers and parents throughout, kept well informed of my child’s progress