9 November 2022

Image of Year 10 netball success!

Eva W (Year 10) writes....

Year 10 Netball 1/11/22

Walton le Dale played two games of netball at Penwortham Priory. All teams were resilient and determined throughout the whole match. The first game was All Hallows ad we started the game with them scoring a few. The defence from WD Maizie N was fantastic as she hasn’t played since year 8 and the team was being carried by Centre (Emily D) We had a break but was back up on our feet, determind to score. During the second Half Eva W and GS Precious scoring 4 and Eva 2. This encouraged us all to keep going and gave us the boost we needed.

The second game was against St Mary’s. Although starting strong, we let St Marys score. Maizie N and Emily Y and Ruby kept the team going with defence and Eva and Precious worked well together once again. Alesha W was always on the ball as WA and EmilyD carrying the team by defencing and attacking in her position as Centre. Despite the loss against St Marys, we still stayed positive and didn’t give up!

Year 10 Netball 7/1//22

Today Walton le Dale's Year 10 Netball team played three games at Priory. They played with resilience considering the weather conditions affected the first game.

The first game was against Wellfield. Starting off a little rusty, letting a few in but not giving up that easily. Emily D as Centre played exceptionally well, keeping the team alive. The defence was improving rapidly and the attacking staying determined with Precious scoring. After a long, rainy first game, Emily D was player of the match.

The second game was against All Hallows. Starting exceptionally strong, all Hallows struggled to score as the defence we committed and this helped as Eva W led the team 1-0. With excellent defending from Connie H and Ruby P this encouraged the team and pushed through the game. Maizie N was player of the match for her amazing defending.

The final game was against St Marys. The defence picked up even more and we started off confident. After St Marys scoring a few, Maizie, Connie and Ruby pushed their attack side with their tactical defending. Alesha W was always in a space for the ball when others couldn’t. After a tiring final match once again Emily D was player of the match with her exceptional performance.

Thanks for the reports, Eva, and well done to everyone!