2 February 2022

Walton-le-Dale High School held one of their ASPIRE days today. Staff were asked to bring their own personal passions into school. Mrs (Debbie) McClelland an avid hockey player and Ladies 5th team captain at Fylde Hockey club was keen to bring her love of hockey to the school. She was fortunate to be able to bring the amazing coaching talent of Fran Loffler Thompson (Ladies Captain and club coach) together with Chris Banks (men's player and coach) to the wondaful Walton le dale MUGA for the day. 38 students from all year groups work on core hockey skills and moved them into games across the day. 

"It was wonderful to visit such a welcoming school and being able to promote hockey." said Fran. Chris also praised the school and students but admitted one of the highlights was being able to push into the front of the dinner queue and get cake and custard for pudding.