20 July 2021

Our Careers and Work Experience Co-ordinator, Miss Royal, writes... 

"Another group of Year 10 students spent their Work Experience week working virtually with Vic Turnbull, founder of MIC Media (http://www.micmedia.co.uk/). She supported them through various tasks, focusing on Photography, Branding and Website Design, to produce creative digital work including following a real life brief. The students completed workshops to learn more about these areas from industry professionals, while incorporating their ideas to produce individual work.

Creativity and digital skills are highly sought after by employers in the majority of sectors and, through this opportunity, the students created their own electronic portfolio to display their skills, interests and experience. These can now be used at future interviews and on application forms to allow them to demonstrate, not only their talents, strengths and achievements but also, importantly, their personality to potential F.E/H.E providers and employers and these can be built upon as they progress through Year 11 and on to their next steps.  

Vic was extremely pleased with the standard of work that they produced and is was great to see their enthusiasm! Well done for their effort and a big thank you to Digital Advantage for making this happen."

Lots more information about this exciting opportunity is in the document below....

Creative digital virtual work experience