13 July 2021

Last week saw all our year groups take part in a day of sport activity.  It was lovely to see a small group of our Year 11 leavers braving some very poor weather to join in on the Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday saw Year 7 and 8 Sports' Days partially affected by rain, but Thursday and Friday were lovely for Years 9 and 10!  

The most important feature of our Sports Days is participation and it was fantastic that everyone took part in the 500 Mile Walk in memory of Tim Hindle, who died during his Year 9 and who would have finished in Year 11 this time.  We walked a fantastic 1183 miles between us, raising plenty of money for Brockholes Nature Reserve in the process.  If you would like to contribute to this, please see the related article here

Oh, yes, and Indigo Section won Sports Week!