13 July 2021

Last week a number of our students took part in the Virtual Work Experience opportunity delivered by the Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout the program they heard from numerous professionals from a variety of departments and learnt about their career paths, roles and responsibilities. They were also able to see some professionals in action including a Physiotherapist checking their patient and tasks carried out by the Nursing staff up close – some which was not for the squeamish! They could also ask questions throughout and find out more about any roles they were interested in. 

They are grateful to have had this amazing opportunity and given a detailed insight into the NHS. The students found it extremely interesting and learnt so much more about roles they may be interested in but also roles they never even knew.  

Here is one student’s feedback which shows the positive impact this experience had on their career aspirations and awareness of roles:
‘I learnt a lot about the different roles they had because I had no idea that half of those even existed and I’m now interested in a lot of them. Also the people who did the presentations were very helpful and informative.’

Thank you to all those involved for making this happen!