27 June 2021

On Friday 18th June a group of our Year 10 students were given the opportunity to speak to Dave Hopkinson, Race Mechanic at KWR Ducati, who we are very lucky to have in our Alumni Network. He joined us virtually from his home in America after returning from being on the road with Kyle Wyman.

He told us about his amazing career to date, the importance of his High School education and his experience at Walton-le-Dale and beyond. We were also able to ask him questions and found out what he looks for in an apprentice and he offered great advice to the group including tips for getting into the Motorsports industry. The students enjoyed finding out more about his role and working with superbikes including how long they take to build and the immensely fast speeds they can reach. 

A massive thank you to Dave for his time. With fantastic Alumni like this, it really does make a big impact. We are very grateful for your support and hearing your inspiring story!

If you also attended WLD and would like to be a part of our Alumni Network, to help us inspire future generations, please contact our Careers Coordinator Miss Royal for more information - k.royal@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk