8 February 2021

Mrs Long, who teaches English, writes "Year 9 were asked to write sonnets - not an easy task!  Caitlin K submitted the following poem


The song of nature. a poem by Caitlin K 

As I walk into the vast luscious wood,                                                                                                              
The sweet smell of flora that enchants me, 
Wind whispers that her creation is good,                                                                                                                    
The fauna are wild to run and be free.     
With wonder at its array of pleasure 
As we softly tread the plush green carpet, 
Stand tall with He who created such treasure 
For when it’s gone, what is the next target? 
With saltwater’s death of venomous bane 
And choking dense swirl that consumes life’s breath, 
Halt, stop, cease, and put an end to this pain 
Before we destroy all leaving only death. 
This world was gifted by Him up above 
To tend and to care and to truly love. 




Wonderful work, Caitlin!