18 January 2021

#BeAWinterFriend is a new social media initiative to try and encourage our school community to support friends and family through this current national lockdown promoting what you do on social media with the #beawinterfriend.  There is now the opportunity to win some money too....!


This initiative is about promoting self-care, Even during these severe lockdown restrictions, people and organisations are preventing loneliness by keeping people connected in so many safe, socially distancing different ways.  
Winter 20/21 won’t be a good one to look back on in many aspects, but together we can continue to provide some positive memories, prevent loneliness, promote your services and help to protect the NHS and Key Care services. 

So, from social distancing photographs and videos, to showing us how your organisations are being Winter Friends online, we want you to safely flood our social media feeds with positivity.

To get involved simply continue or start to share your photos, videos and stories on your own social media channels using the hashtag #BeAWinterFriend and remember to tag @BeaWinterFriend and for Instagram @be_a_winter_friend

There are a number of fantastic small businesses who have come forward to sponsor the initiative.

There are no winners or losers as everyone involved are doing fantastic work, there are three awards and prizes to give away:   
£500  prize: Best Winter Friend Organisation
£300 prize : Inspiring Volunteer – formal or informal
£150 prize:  Social distancing Selfie Helpie photograph/video
This is open to everyone across Lancashire and South Cumbria. The Initiative closes 21st March - end of Winter!