13 December 2020

Our Careers Co-ordinator, Miss Royal, has been preparing our Year 11s for interviews by asking them to answer some of the unusual questions that interviewers might throw at them. 

Interviewers can sometimes ask random questions to really make you think and one that Pets at Home have asked in their application process is - 'If you could be any animal what would you be and why?'


We were very impressed by these answers...

  • Ant, this may be a strange choice however ants are very hard working, ants are also committed to working as a team and achieve impressive results despite their tiny size.
  • I would be an eagle because of the strength, agility and leadership qualities the eagle has. I pay close attention to everything around me, and I am patient when waiting for an opportunity.


For some jobs, especially sales positions, interviewers have been known to ask - 'if you could be any biscuit what would you be and why?' 

We were very impressed by these answers:

  • I’d be a digestive , even something so plain can be made into both savoury and sweet , can be made for everyone to like and not many dislike , it can be the joy of the cold night when you go in to get a brew and biscuits, it’s the first one everyone thinks of , there not as unhealthy as the others 
  • If I could be any biscuit, I would be a hobnob because well, one thing is they are known for being sturdy and tough, they have been tested and are the most dunkable biscuit, this could be a metaphor showing even when you feel like your drowning under pressure you still come out on top. A quality which I believe would be good especially on busy days when the shop is packed with people and there's so much to do. I also chose a hobnob because even tho they might have a hard exterior, when you bite into it, the taste has a kick to it and it can remind you of Christmas due to the gingery smell. Again this could be a metaphor showing that even tho you are hard working and strong on the outside, you are still powerful and sensitive on the inside. My last reason for choosing a hobnob is because who doesn't love a hobnob! You can have them sat at the table talking to your mum, you can have them at Christmas, you could even gobble them down after a breakup. 

Well done Year 11!