13 December 2020

We have received the following information from the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership...

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December 2020





A message from the Lancashire Constabulary Road Safety Partnership regarding E-Scooters.


E-Scooters have been in the news over the past months as an eco-friendly method of transport.


It is inevitable that some students will receive one of these for a Christmas present.


Currently it is illegal to ride an E-Scooter on a public road or pavement in Lancashire. They are classed as a motor vehicle and subject to the same legal requirements such as MOT, Tax, Licensing and Insurance.


The attached leaflet explains in more detail what the situation is regarding E-Scooters; the fact that they cannot be ridden on the public highway and so should not be ridden to school.


We would appreciate it if you could make your students and parents/guardians aware of this information prior to the end of term, especially if they are considering these as Christmas presents.


Many thanks and kind regards


Julia Clayton  


on behalf of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership








Julia Clayton

Road Safety

Tactical Operations Roads Policing Unit

Lancashire Constabulary

t: 01772 410440 Samlesbury

e: Julia.Clayton@lancashire.police.uk