3 November 2020

Corey Hull, Year 7, is a talented motocross rider.  His father wrote on the 18th October to say "Corey has just finished his season on his 65 in the 65 class after 2 seasons on his 65 (not much of one this year sadly). Corey got 2/2/2 yesterday (Saturday) getting 2nd overall and today 3/2/2 for 2nd overall again, Corey tried his hardest today and had a fall trying to take the lead in the first race, coming from last finishing 3rd only 10 seconds behind 2nd! Corey got a Holeshot too! He’s finished the season getting 3rd in his championship mx90’s and he will now train hard through winter with his trainer Jordan Eccles on his 85 ready for the nationals next season."

Many congratulations to Corey!