17 August 2020

Good afternoon to all students who are expecting results this week....

Results Day approaches swiftly- it is this Thursday (20th August) - and there has been a lot of national press about the A Level results and the Scottish exam results so I thought that it would be worth clarifying how things will work this week.  I have written previous updates (here and here) which you may want to read as well.

It is very important, in these unusual times, that we all celebrate the work that you have put in over the past 5 years.  The pandemic stopped final examinations and your teachers worked very carefully to ensure that they submitted appropriate centre-assessed grades (CAGs) for each individual. All these grades were extensively discussed and checked. These have then been standardised nationally by the examination boards to give a final grade.  

In the interests of openness you will get 2 emails on Thursday morning shortly after 8am.  One will be clearly marked "Final Grades" and the second will be marked "Centre-Assessed Grades".  The first thing that you must do, whether you are delighted or unhappy about your grades. is to contact your chosen college or provider for a discussion. Many of you will have appointments with your college already. You will find information about enrolment for all our colleges and providers at the bottom of this message. If you would like support from us, for example if you have changed your mind about what you want to do, please email resultsday@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk and one of us will ring you back.  Owing to the current situation with coronavirus and our wide catchment area we will be doing all meetings by phone this year.

Given all the concern in the national press many of you will be looking carefully at your centre assessed grades and comparing them with your final grade.  Please be aware that there is still considerable uncertainty about changes to the appeals process, but the school will seek to appeal any grades where the final grade is lower than the centre-assessed grade so you will not have to contact us individually about that. 

If you are unhappy with the centre assessed grade then you can sit the exam at school in November if you wish - you would receive the results in Jan or Feb next year.  If you consider that you have been discriminated against or subjected to bias then you would follow the schools complaints process on our website - this would be a very serious matter and hopefully very rare.  Centre assessed grades cannot be appealed just because you don't agree with them - they are your teacher's best judgement, carefully checked and discussed.

I hope that this clarifies things a bit at this challenging time.  The most important thing is that each of you can progress to the next stage of your lives so contacting your college or provider is the most important thing to do and then emailing resultsday@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk if you need support from us.

Very best wishes

James Harris


Results Day 2020