1 May 2020

Mr Gardner, who teaches English, has sent me a very moving piece of writing by Ella Livesey in Year 9 about her experience of the pandemic....


Life feels surreal. When did you realise that life had changed?

Was it when you were going to the shops and you have to stand two metres apart from everyone?

Was it when you went to visit your nana at the nursing home but had to stand outside the window and try to communicate like that?

Or was it when you saw on the news the amount of people that are dying and how many families are losing a member?

For me it was all of these things and more, in this article I am going to tell, you my experience going through the pandemic and how I am coping with it.

During the pandemic nothing feels real, to me at least on feels like we are in a movie. I like near a motorway and a few busy roads and can often hear the cars flying past as they are getting on with their life over the past 5 weeks instead of hearing cars and motorbikes I have heard the sound of birds tweeting and geese flying above. As the vast majority of people  are sticking to the rules of social distancing and protecting our NHS, nature is thriving. Birds are having chicks and enjoying the sun as much as we are, and the air is so much clearer in many places.

Obviously just like many people I am missing my family and friends dearly, as my mum and dad are separated I am aware I could go and see my dad but he is in the high risk category so we are distancing from him which is very difficult along with not being able to see my grandparents who I’m very close with. Unfortunately last week we lost my nana which has really opened my eyes to the whole situation, unfortunately due to the current situation and us trying to stick to social distancing only 10 people are able to go to her funeral and we still all have to keep our distance, which was difficult and such a shame. The fact my nana cannot have the amazing send off she truly deserves greatly upsets me, even more so when I see people meeting their friends and not having a care in the world about possibly spreading the disease.They argue they missed their friends, do they not think everyone is in the same boat? I could guarantee they’d miss them a lot more if they died or were tremendously ill because of the stupidity and thinking the rules do not apply to them. Not only are they putting themselves at risk they are keeping us who are following rules and doing all we can to protect the NHS, away from our friends and family even longer.

I have found this time very challenging as I’m sure many if not all people have. I don’t think any of us believed the situation would have reached the magnitude it has done. I had been struggling with the whole situation quite drastically but I then found some positives that are keeping me going and I’m hoping they can help you if you are struggling too. Whilst we have the spare time on our hands there is plenty we can do, for example school work this was a massive cause of stress as I was panicking about getting it done but not knowing how to complete all the tasks set and the consequences I would have if I did not complete it, the way I learned or deal with this was making myself a timetable and not working myself to death, I think the hardest thing is finding the motivation when your bed or the fridge is calling you, but I’ve found if I have a time table with 3 subjects to do a day it was manageable and once I

finished my tasks I rewarded myself. When my stress was getting me down due to school work my mum repetitively told me not to worry and that you are doing this best you can do that’s all anyone expects and I am now realising this is the best advice anyone could give or receive. Another benefit I constantly remind my self of is that I am spending more time with my family, which I am really enjoying. I have quite a close family anyway but this experience has just brought us closer and for that I am thankful. The best thing I recommend is to let yourself be bored sometimes, let yourself sit and relax it your worrying or stressing about the endless tasks you have to complete. I do obviously think you should complete tasks whilst you have the time like cook for your mum and dad to say thank you or bake a cake, do the washing up or tidy your room there are plenty of things to do to do at the moment, but that does not mean we have to do them right this instance. I enjoy writing writing the things up that annoy me and then throw it in the bin, this may seem pointless and stupid but sometimes it’s good to get it off your chest and then you can focus on the good instead of the bad, I think sometimes you need to just sit, chill and put things in perspective and I’d guarantee it would help. Another thing I massively recommend is yoga along with going for that walk during the day (whilst still sticking to the rules) and just enjoying the fresh air. I feel like this helps clear your mind and zone you out of whatever you may be thinking about for the time being. Now the final thing I want everyone reading this to do is ring the people you love, even if it might be for five minutes I promise you just talking to them makes you feel so much better. Tell them you love them and that you will see them soon not only will it benefit you but I could guarantee you would make a family member or friends day by that short sentence.

Now I need to quickly apologise for the amount of waffle that is in this, but I really thought this was my opportunity to waffle and let everything out and I hope I didn’t bore or annoy you to much with it.

I just want to say a quick thank you and then I’ll leave you alone. Thank you to all NHS staff. Thank you to all teachers, especially my amazing ones that work at Walton Le Dale. Thank you to all key workers who are doing an incredible job. And thank you to my mum for looking after me and my brothers, for helping us with our work whilst doing yours. I appreciate you all loads.

Stay home, stay safe.

Thank you,