20 June 2019

We all recognise the huge amount of effort and talent that goes into our primary days, but the sets that Mr Grave creates for us are truly exceptional!   We are really fortunate to have someone so talented on our staff.  We know that the “Diagon Alley” and “Hogwarts Express” sets that he has created have excited a lot of interest amongst staff, students, parents and the wider community and therefore we are going to open the school on Saturday morning from 10am until 1pm so that anyone who wishes to can come and see the set, bring their children, take pictures etc…  We will be collecting small voluntary donations from visitors to go to a charity of Mr Grave's choosing.  The set will then be collapsed so that the PE department get the Sports Hall back!

If anyone would like to come and take pictures, bring your families or friends, please join us at any point between 10 and 1 on Saturday (22nd June) in the Sports Hall.