20 November 2016

Our Amnesty International group recently organsied a teddy bear protest in our garden to protest on behalf of Syrian refugees and against the conflict in Syria. TWO HUNDRED teddy bears were part of the protest. The group made the following announcement:

'In light of the recent teddy bear protests across the world and to unite against Assads' horrific war crimes on the lives of many innocent children in Aleppo , we at Amnesty at Walton wish to stage our own Teddy bear campaign. This is to raise awareness of the 100,000 children currently living in Aleppo . Assad has openly told media that his intentions are  to cleanse the city and keep cleansing it until he's wiped it clean ! Chemical weapons have been used and many children have lost lives. Those living there are in constant danger, poverty and suffering horrific trauma .
Rather than waste these teddy bears we are hoping to send them to 'teddies for Syria ' , a charity organisation who take teddies and soft toys to children in Syria'.