The staff at Walton-le-Dale High School are committed to ensuring that our young people fulfil their potential. The achievement of excellence, according to each student’s level of ability, is our priority.

We believe that, while knowledge is important, it is not the only aspect of education that we consider. Throughout all subjects and aspects of their school life we want our students to develop a set of skills, qualities and attitudes that will not only help them to succeed in their studies but help them to become responsible citizens and to be successful in all aspects of their future life, as our motto states we are “Learning for Life”. We want our students to ASPIRE:



To develop detailed

knowledge of a range of subjects and topics

To demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge

To be resilient and use failure as a stepping stone to success

To be digitally literate and use appropriate technology to communicate effectively

To be able to read, write and speak well and communicate their ideas clearly



To be  determined to succeed

To work independently and think for themselves

To be consistently hard-working and stay with problems

To have attendance and timekeeping that are excellent

To reflect on their learning and plan their next steps



To enjoy their learning

To develop strong beliefs and principles

To collaborate positively with others

To show leadership in a range of situations




To be creative, original and innovative in a range of situations

To be thoughtful and consider issues carefully

To be able to solve problems rationally and systematically

To take risks when necessary to solve problems

To be intelligently curious about the wider world



To show courtesy to everyone

To be polite and use appropriate language when speaking and writing

To be tolerant of the views of others

To care for others, especially those less fortunate than themselves

To allow everyone to hold an opinion, even if it differs from their own


Having Empathy

To be sensitive and understanding when working with others

To work well with other people in groups and teams

To appreciate diversity, recognising the contribution of different communities

To be highly inclusive, valuing each individual for themselves




We are committed to a curriculum which allows our students choice through their education with us, and to open doors to new opportunities as they prepare to leave. In order to achieve this every student at Walton-le-Dale High School will:

  • Study a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Study a rigorous academic curriculum. 
  • Have the opportunity to explore topics related to their Personal, Social and Health Education.
  • Receive Sex and Relationship education.
  • Have the opportunity to develop a range of skills in all subjects.
  • Have the opportunity for work experience.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in physical recreational activities.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in enrichment days.
  • Have the opportunity to meet employers.
  • Have the opportunity to visit colleges.
  • Receive high quality careers advice.
  • Have an individual mentor at KS4.

In practical terms this means that:

  • We have high aspirations of our young people.
  • We are constantly reviewing our curriculum and provision of extra-curricular activities to ensure inclusion for all students.


Our Curriculum

The Curriculum Model










































































































Information Technology/



Modern Foreign Languages



Opening Minds

Physical Education

Option A

Option B

Option C

Design Technology

Religious Studies



Key Stage 3

In years 7 – 9 students are taught in mixed ability classes for the following subjects History, Geography, Religious Studies, Technology, ICT, Drama, Art, Music and PE.


Maths, English, Science and Modern Foreign Languages (French and & German) are taught within ability sets.


We place a strong emphasis on basic skills in literacy, numeracy and the use of ICT. However, we also know that to prepare students for their GCSE exams, and for later life, we need to develop other skills such as thinking, teamwork, problem solving, working independently and decision making. We want to ensure that our students develop those personal qualities, which provide firm foundations for their later life and will enable them to develop their self-esteem and creativity. This is why we created our own unique curriculum in Year 7 called Opening Minds. The foundation of our Opening Minds curriculum is the ASPIRE skills framework.


Within Opening Minds students spend longer periods of time within their own tutor group looking at themed topics such as `My Place' and `War Child'. They often learn through practical experience and take responsibility for their own learning. Group work, independent research and the use of ICT are common features of these lessons. Student voice surveys show this is a very popular lesson.


We believe such a curriculum is much more effective and will lead to students gaining better exam results. We are confident that our curriculum and skills framework will also give our students the tools for their future lives and education.


We want our students to be curious about the world in which we live and therefore our curriculum is broad and balanced to allow all students to study a wide range of subjects including the Arts, Humanities and Technologies alongside the core of English, Maths, Science and Physical Education so that they are able to make informed choices at the end of KS3.

Key Stage 4

All students study English Language and Literature, Maths and Science leading to GCSE qualifications. A significant proportion of students take three separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) within their core subject time. All students participate in a core PE lesson each week.


Most students choose at least 1 GCSE option from Geography, French, German, History or Computer Science from the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) suite of subjects and up to two further GCSE options from either the EBacc subjects listed above and/or Art, Enterprise, Performing Arts, Food Preparation and Nutrition , Resistant Materials, Psychology, Music, Physical Education, Sport, Health & Social Care and Religious Studies.


Students are taught in ability classes for English, Maths and Science. All option subjects are taught in mixed ability classes.


At Walton-le-Dale High School we support the right of every student to access a rigorous academic curriculum at Key Stage 4 as defined by the EBacc.

All students have the opportunity to complete the EBacc.**


**with the exception of a very small number of students in our current year 9 who have not studied MFL at KS3.

Our Curriculum