Revision is a vital skill in these days of extended final examinations.  This page contains links and information that will help you revise for all tests and examinations, but in particular for the final GCSE examinations in Year 11.



Teachers are arranging revision sessions over the Easter break.  The timetable is below.  Each teacher will arrange the specifics of each session and students should see their teachers so that they are aware of the arrangements.  It is really important that students attend as these sessions are invaluable! 


  am pm
Monday 08/04/2019 Mrs Lo - History Mis Christian and Mrs Long - English
    Miss Hughes- History  
Tuesday 09/04/2019 Mrs Heywood-Connor - Performance Mrs Heywood-Connor - Performance
    Mrs Miller - Art Mrs Miller - Art
Wednesday 10/04/2019 Miss Smith-Sergeant - Geography Miss Hughes - History
    Miss Rowe - French (Higher) Miss Rowe - French (Foundation)
Thursday  11/04/2019 Science (all sets except set 1) Science (all sets except set 1)
    Mrs Miller - Art Mrs Miller - Art
Friday 12/04/2019 Mr Keith - Geography Mr Keith - Geography
Monday 15/04/2019 Mrs Holden - French (Higher) Mrs Holden - French (Foundation)
Tuesday 16/04/2019    
Wednesday 17/04/2019 Mrs Rowson - French Mrs Rowson - French
Thursday  18/04/2019 Mrs Shaw - Food Mrs Shaw - Food
    Mr Turner, Miss Richardson, Mr Christie - ICT Mr Turner, Miss Richardson, Mr Christie - ICT




Seneca Learning

Seneca is proving a very popular revision resource for GCSE - click on the links below....



Doddle ( is a very useful resource for independent study and revision.  Guidance on its use can be found in the documents below.


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