Homework is an important part of the learning process. It is used to extend learning and teach students good study habits which are needed for exam courses.

Homework is given because:

  • It increases the amount of time available for study, extends and enriches the learning activities organised by school for our pupils.
  • It encourages pupils to work independently and to use their initiative.
  • It encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own work and to learn to meet deadlines.
  • It allows the use of resources and materials (including people) that are not available at school.
  • It allows pupils to complete work not finished in class.
  • It allows pupils to prepare work to be developed in school.
  • It allows skills to be practised more than is possible in school alone.
  • It allows tasks to be set for individual pupils and their abilities/interests.
  • It strengthens the links between home and school and involves parents in their children's learning.

We ask parents to monitor this as it is important that students keep up to date with this important element of exam courses.

Our detailed homework policy can be found in the Policies section here.


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