As a school it is our responsbility to ensure that all students achieve their potential. Our policy for Talented, Able and Gifted (TAG) students recognises this. We have practices in place to ensure such students are able to achieve their best.

At the start of each academic year we create a register of TAG students which all teaching staff contribute to. This register is distributed to all staff to make them aware that these students need to be specifically catered for in lessons, through developing differentiated, challenging activities. We ask that staff do not simply give TAG students 'more of the same', but that they are provided with activities which extend their knowledge and ability, and particularly their thinking skills (staff have had specific training in developing such skills).

TAG students also have opportunities beyond the classroom to stretch themselves in diffferent ways. For example, those students with talents in sport or the performing arts have opportunities to represent the school, and are also helped and encouraged to join external clubs and represent at a higher level. We also support individual students who have a specific talent. For example one of our students is supported in a college placement for apprentice jockeys. Another student is helped to compete in national trampoline competitions.

TAG students also have opportunities to participate in enrichment activities such as vists to Northcote Manor and Tatton Park. We also work in partnership with local colleges to provide enriching activities for the most able students.

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