Our daily updates will contain all the information that parents/carers need - they are all here at this link and are emailed out to parents/carers each evening.

Learning from home


  • We are operating on a basis of good faith - we will try our very best to get resources to students so that they can learn.
  • The primary means of communication with students will through Office 365 email as all students have access details.  This can then be used to send links to other resources (Teams, Doddle, Mathswatch...) as required.  
  • We are aware that most students will not be able to print anything
  • Teachers will attempt to respond to queries and work sent by students in as far is reasonably possible.
  • Arrangements for those students who do not have internet access will involve sending out packs of printed work.  

General information

The most important way to access your learning is through Office 365 as this gives access to email so your teachers can contact you.

Work is available each week here - look for "What are students learning now?"

Mathswatch is a key resource for studying Maths and give you everything that you need to tackle the topics from the Curriculum Map.

Many students use Seneca and Educake in Science




As we enter lockdown our daily updates will contain all the information that parents/carers need - they are all here at this link.

The following notes are useful as they contain links to the relevant previous government information...


First daily update for parents/carers sent out by email and on the website here.


Updated school guidance on online safety for parents/carers and students published here - students will be working online much more and need guidance to stay safe.

Updated information on access to school tomorrow published on the website here - email and text have also been sent out. 

All staff (unless ill) will be sending work home by email tomorrow and each day following.  Work packs are available for those who do not have computer access - we will be sending those out in the next few days to those who have informed us that this will be an issue. 


Yesterday the government published some further guidance about the way in which GCSE grades will be awarded this summer.  It is available here.  There is a letter to Year 11 parents and carers about this guidance here.  

Further information for those attending school on Monday will be published here tomorrow.

Friday morning

In the light of overnight government guidance there are 2 early morning updates....

Access to school next week

Provision for free school meals

Thursday afternoon

We understand that further information about GCSE examinations will be published tomorrow (Friday) - see this BBC News item

Thursday morning

Information about Year 11 leaving celebration tomorrow is here

Letter from AQA about GCSE exam cancellation is here 

Please see the request for key worker information here - responses as soon as possible, please

Earlier updates

UPDATE - Wednesday evening -  the announcement from the government this evening raises a lot of questions.  In outline the school will be closed from Monday and GCSE exams are cancelled.  The details and implications are not yet available and the school is awaiting additional information.  The DfE has just posted this news item

There is a brief update about exams from Ofqual here

The message sent by email to all staff, students, parents and carers is on our WLD Updates blog here.

UPDATE - Thursday & Friday 18th March - School open for years 7, 10 and 11 only until the end of week.

UPDATE - Wednesday 18th March - Year 11 Prom postponed - letter here.

UPDATE - Wednesday 18th March - information for parents/carers who work in the NHS and those eligible for free school meals - click here.



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