Our Intention

To ensure every student is given the relevant information and support to make informed decisions about their post 16 education and beyond. Also helping to prepare each young person for the world of work, exploring suitable careers and sectors and enhancing their employability not only through their curriculum but in various other aspects such as enrichment and extra curricular activities. Giving them the opportunity to link their own personal skills and qualities to the labour market and understand the steps they need to take to achieve their goals but at the same time supporting them to raise their aspirations and aim high.

In December 2017 The Department for Education published the new careers guidance strategy and part of the strategy includes the eight Gatsby Benchmarks which are key to ensure a quality and inclusive provision is offered within schools. At Walton-le-Dale the benchmarks underpin our careers education programme and these are as follows:

1.    A Stable Careers Programme
2.    Learning from Career and Labour Market Information
3.    Addressing the needs of each pupil
4.    Linking curriculum learning to careers
5.    Encounters with employers and employees
6.    Experiences of work places
7.    Encounters with Further and Higher Education
8.    Personal Guidance

Our Careers Policy and Provider Access Policy can be found on our "Policies" page.

Careers Education

This information was last updated 18th January 2021