At Walton-le-Dale we understand all the worries and anxieties students and parents might have when moving to a new school. At Walton-le-Dale we are lucky that we are small and can get to know all the students quickly.

Many of our new students have already visited the school during our popular Year 5 Days, or on curriculum visits organised by the primary school. The students may also know our staff from their visits to primary schools as we often work with primary schools on PE, Dance, Art and Drama activities, for example.

Our primary liaison staff spend time visiting all our new students whilst still at primary school. Our staff also talk to staff in the primary school about the children,  so that we can start to get to know each child as an individual. The youngsters will also visit the school on 'Sampling Day'. Some of our more vulnerable students will also have an opportunity to visit us for a second day where they can have greater personal attention and we can give them further reassurance.

WLD Transition `Welcome’ Project






Motivation and


At Walton-le-Dale we pride ourselves on our acknowledgement that all students are individuals.

Our WLD Welcome Project is a tailor made transition programme which targets our more vulnerable students as they transfer from primary to secondary school.

Our team of specialists visit the students in their primary schools to deliver the project to targeted individuals in need of extra support prior to transition.  This means that the student will have a recognisable face as a point of contact once transition has taken place. 

The transition programme will run over the second half of the summer term within primary school, a specialist member of Walton-le-Dale staff will deliver the project over a 4 week period.

The WLD Welcome Project will cover a range of topics including- what changes to expect, coping with changes, who is who at WLD, what life at WLD is like and reflection of what they have learned so far.  It will prepare the students for their time at Walton-le-Dale, by allowing them to gain a sense of what to expect at Walton-le-Dale therefore ironing out any concerns and worries they may have before starting their time at Walton-le-Dale.

The WLD Welcome project will overall allow students to engage in a sense of belonging and purpose within the Walton-le-Dale community.

Our WLD Welcome project has received national recognition through the Whole Education network.

Transition Project

All our new Year 7s complete a project before starting with us in September.  This will tell us a lot about them and also give them a chance to tell us about themselves, show us what they can do and show what they are proud of....

Transition Project