During the summer term Walton le Dale plays host to Year 5 students in our feeder primaries. These are no ordinary events. Traditionally secondary schools send primary school children to 'sample' normal lessons. At Walton-le-Dale we want the Year 5 students to sample the TYPE of learning that goes on at our school......

....At Walton-le-Dale we create our own THEMED days for the Year 5s which allow them to experience ACTIVE LEARNING, meaning the children get involved in their own learning. In recent years we have got the students involved in:

  • 'I'm a Year 5 Get me out of here' - based on the popular TV programme
  • A murder mystery in which they were the investigators of the murder of the Headteacher
  • Survival on a desert island
  • A themed day on London
  • A themed day on World War I to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the War.
  • 'Alice in Wonderland' themed day
  • Roald Dahl themed day

The Year 5s also experience the reality of break and lunchtime at a secondary school.

Roald Dahl Primary Day 2017

Year 5 "Thank You" letters