Provision for SEND Students

As part of the new laws concerning provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities the Local Authority is required to publish details of what it provides in the ‘local area’ for children with special needs and disabilities. You will be able to find this on the Local Authority website.

Schools are also required to publish their provision on their website. Below is an outline of our ethos and practice. However, we would strongly recommend that parents contact us to discuss the specific needs of their child.

Admission of SEN students

Full details of the admission policy for students with special needs can be found in the Local Authority's admission policy which has been adopted by the school (Lancashire is our admission authority). This is the same for all maintained schools in Lancashire.  We would recommend that parents discuss the needs of their child with us as early as possible as we pride ourselves on our support for all students.

Complaints relating to SEN provision

While such complaints are very rare at Walton le Dale High School we deal with SEN complaints in a graduated response.

All SEN complaints will initially be dealt with by Anne Snape - Assistant Head/SENCO who will invite parents into school to discuss identified issues. If these cannot be resolved any other relevant staff will be included in meetings and communication. The student concerned will also be involved at relevant times.

Unresolved issues can then be discussed with SEND officer allocated to the school and any other relevant parties.

Parents can also make representation to the SEN and chair of governors.

Disability Equality Scheme & Accessibility Plan

A paper copy of our scheme can be obtained from the school and is available below.

Lancashire Newsletter (FIND)

The Lancashire newsletter (FIND) for parent & carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities can be found here

SEND Information

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