Our mixed year group forms are not allowed in the pandemic so we have constructed year group forms on a temporary basis.  Heads of Section become Heads of Year temporarily.  The updated structure is in the document below. 


Pastoral system information

Our pastoral care system has been developed over many years to ensure that each child is well looked after. We want our children to always feel safe, secure and happy in school and that they have adults they can go to with problems. We want our parents to be able to have a key point of contact in school whom they feel they can talk to if they need to.

Therefore each child is part of a form group, led by a tutor. The tutor is the first point of contact for parents. Each form is also part of a Section, managed by Progress Coordinators.

  • The school is split into 4 Sections, Red (R), Yellow (Y), Blue (B) and Indigo (I) . Each section meets regularly in assemblies and Sections compete against each other for the Section Cup each term.
  • Year 7 are based in D block and are in year forms called 7R, 7Y, 7B, 7I, 7W and 7D. Tutor groups are allocated to Sections in preparation for year 8 and take part in the Section competitions.
  • Years 8-11 are in a vertical system with all years in each tutor group. This enables all students to get to know younger and older students and as a result often get to know large numbers of other students.

There are 5 designated Progress Co-ordinators who look after the overall welfare and progress of students.

Mrs D McClelland looks after Red Section.  Currently in charge of Year 8 2021-22

Mrs L Eastham, who is responsible for Yellow Section. Currently in charge of Year 9 2021-22 

Mrs L Shaw looks after Indigo Section.  Currently in charge of Year 11 2021-22

Mrs C Rowson is responsible for Blue Section.. Currently in charge of Year 10 2021-22

The Year 7 Progress Coordinator is Miss E Bailey.