"Inclusion at Walton-le-Dale is not a ‘bolt on’ or a single strand of school development; it is all-encompassing and at the heart of everything they do." IQM Flagship Review June 2021

"...the review continued to demonstrate the school’s superb, naturally ingrained inclusive ethos." 

"There are ‘No Outsiders’at Walton Le Dale High School - everyone is included." IQM Flagship Review July 2020

Walton-le-Dale is committed to valuing the individuality of all of our children.  We give all of our students every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards.  We do this by respecting and taking account of students’ varied life experiences and needs.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and have high expectations for all children.  The achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our students matter and we celebrate the achievements of everyone.  The school promotes the individuality of all our children, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background and that students have a common curriculum experience.


Walton-le-Dale is proud to have held the prestigious INCLUSION QUALITY MARK since 2007.

In 2014 we received the 'Flagship School' status which recognises the best practice for inclusion.

Our flagship status was confirmed in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 after further inspections.


Diversity is valued as a rich resource which supports the learning of all.  In this school, inclusion recognises a child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum which is appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities. Our role is also to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual students, or groups of students.  As part of this we have been awarded  "Dyslexia-Friendly School" status http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/services/quality-mark in order to accredit and develop our provision.

The school is able to offer a full curriculum to those with disabilities. Further details can be found in our Accessibility Plan and Disability Equality Scheme.

Comments from parents & carers

"Without the care, attention and input from the school [] would never have completed his formal education. You have treated, taught and supported [] as an individual not a faceless number on a league table. The school teaches youngsters to build on their own skills and abilities aligned with the expected teaching in mainstream education. The impact and ethos of the school is something we will be forever grateful grateful and will share to any family in similar circumstances or is looking for that little bit more for their child's education." Parent comment (June 2021)

"My son transitioned from a specialist school for children with dyslexia and additional needs to mainstream high school. A huge leap for any child. Having visited many schools I was led to Walton le Dale High school; a small, caring, nurturing school. I felt reassured there was inclusion, support and understanding. My child settled quickly in that first term, it was amazing to see and a huge relief to me as a parent. He is now heading into year 11 and I have seen him thrive, gain in confidence and become more resilient. He is achieving and being encouraged to aim high. Thank you to all the staff at Walton le Dale High School."  Parent comment (June 2021)

"My son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and severe anxiety whilst at primary school.  WLD handled his transition to high school extremely well and have worked with him, and us as parents very closely ever since.  As parents, we are so glad that we chose WLD for our son and how they have worked to develop him over the past 3 years.  The communication between key staff and us as parents has been great.  Our son has benefitted from the school being able to make small adjustments to his school day, often un-noticed by other students, which has made his school experience much easier for him to handle.  I can't recommend the school enough!"  Parent comment (July 2020) 

"Our son, [] started Walton Le Dale High school in September 2019, in year 7.  He is on the autistic spectrum and throughout his 7 years of primary school he had a 1:1. We were anxious about him entering high school - he has had an amazing year.  The support he has had and the communication home from the head of year 7, Miss Bailey, his form tutor (Miss Main) and the Senco team has been of the highest professional standard, showing genuine care for and understanding of his needs.  Then lockdown happened and the support didn’t stop.  We have had constant support and communication from school.  It's a shame [] is not in a position to appreciate the amazing environment he is in!  An example of their inclusiveness for [] - he has sensory issues and will not wear trousers - shorts have been acceptable.  School have reiterated; if he is happy, he will learn.  Also, French was making him anxious and uncomfortable.  Before we had time to approach school, they had already put a plan down ready to action on our acceptance to deal with this situation.  We were delighted." Parent comment (July 2020)

"My child, with SEN, has been welcomed and incorporated into the whole school, be it classes or clubs. The teachers and staff at WLD have found ways to make things accessible where he might normally struggle, so he feels and is included, a very different environment from his previous school where he became increasingly isolated.” Parent comment (July 2020)

Inclusion Quality Mark