Our Code of Conduct

At Walton-le-Dale we believe that every student has the right to learn. We have developed a code of conduct that is based on our Walton-le-Dale values.

Our Behaviour for Learning policy emphasises the need for each individual to take responsibility for their behaviour and to support the learning of others.  When students let themselves down we do apply a range of sanctions but also discuss with the child how they might learn from their mistakes.   

At Walton-le-Dale we love to acknowledge hard work and success. All curriculum areas award certificates for excellence. Students are also rewarded for high attendance, meeting targets and excelling in their learning. Student success also contributes to the competition between our Sections – known as the Section Cup.

Rewarding Success

Students also receive merits and commendations that contribute to different levels of school certificates. These certificates also lead to school rewards and prizes.  The success of every student also contributes to the Section competitions.

There are occasions when we have to apply sanctions. This can take the form of additional work, being on report and detentions. Parents are kept informed of such sanctions. In the case of after-school detentions parents are given 24 hours notice.

On very rare occasions staff may need to intervene in a situation where another person might be at risk of hurting themselves or others. On such occasions it may be necessary to make physical contact with the student. In such circumstances staff will follow the school’s policy on the use of reasonable force.  A copy of this policy is available from the school.