11 February 2022

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Friday 11 February 2022

As we reach the mid-point of the term and the mid-point of the school year I would like to thank all parents and carers for your support of the school and for your support of your son or daughter.  Like all schools and organisations we have been affected by staff absence caused by the...

4 February 2022

WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 4 February 2022

Good afternoon, ASPIRE day on Wednesday was amazing! I am hugely grateful to all the staff and visitors who contributed and provided such a wide range of activities for our students. On a more mundane note, I would be grateful if you would discuss a couple of matters of...

30 January 2022

Spring Term - 31st January 2022


28 January 2022

WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 28 January 2022

Good afternoon.  As we approach the end of January we should acknowledge how difficult this period has been for everyone - students, staff and families.  We have all done remarkably well as a community and school is calm, kind and very stable despite all the challenges.  We are...

23 January 2022

Spring Term - 24 January

21 January 2022

WD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 21 January 2022

Thank you to all those families who attended the Year 11 Parents' and Carers' evening on Wednesday and for some lovely feedback.  It is much appreciated.  Please remember that the plans for Year 11 going forward were sent out to parents & carers and are

16 January 2022

Spring Term - 17th January

14 January 2022

WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 14 January 2022

Good afternoon, Mrs Wall has been doing a very powerful assembly on friendship this week with all year groups.  At this time in particular, this is an important message - the support we give to each other is vital when times are difficult.  As we have said throughout...

7 January 2022

WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 7 January 2022

It has been lovely to see everyone back, in stages, this week. The COVID testing process was handled well and only one positive case was identified.  There have been far more positive points on Classcharts than negative (81% positive so far this week) and the school is settling calmly...

4 January 2022

WLD Update for Year 11 Parents & Carers - Examinations 2022

As we enter the new year and following the Year 11 mock examinations it is important to set out the plans for Year 11 leading up to the summer examinations.  This will help students and their families plan the months ahead. Government guidance Everything that we do...