13 December 2020

WLD Update of Parents & Carers Sunday 13th December 2020

Good afternoon, Community Christmas Party:  We were unable to have our annual Community Christmas Party this year, but, thanks to Mrs Heywood-Connor, Miss Knowles and others we have been able to post some

10 December 2020

WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Last week of term and contact tracing

As I said in my weekly bulletin on Sunday all schools are in a difficult position with regards to self-isolation over the coming couple of weeks:  We are required by the government to stay open until the end of term;  We are required to carry out contact...

6 December 2020

WLD Update for Parents & Carers Sunday 6th December 2020

Good afternoon, COVID:  Last week we had to send Year 11 home to self-isolate until tomorrow (Monday) and today I have received notification of a positive case in Year 9 (information is being sent to Year 9 families separately).  The incidence of the virus...

6 December 2020

Autumn Term - 7th December 2020

WoW – lecture (verb,...

29 November 2020

WLD Update for Parents & Carers Sunday 29th November 2020

Good afternoon, A few administrative matters this afternoon.... Bus timetables:  Please be aware that the timings for the 501 - 505 buses are are on the...

29 November 2020

Autumn Term 30th November

WoW – justification...

23 November 2020

Additional WLD Update for Year 10 Parents and Carers Monday 23rd November 2020

Good morning, I forgot to mention on my general parent & carer update yesterday that we have been reviewing the progress of Year 10 in the core subjects (Maths, English and Science).  Based on that evaluation, after half a term or so of Year 10, we have decided to re-set...

22 November 2020

Autumn Term: 23rd November

WoW –...

22 November 2020

WLD Update for Parents & Carers Sunday 22nd November 2020

Good afternoon, Safe, calm, stable school environment:  Many thanks for the positive messages that I received following my video message last weekend.  A calm, well-ordered, stable environment in school is essential for staff and student mental health...

15 November 2020

Additional update for Parents & Carers Sunday 15th November 2020

Good afternoon and apologies for the second update, but there are some administrative notices which are important to include this week: Reminder for year 7 nasal flu vaccine. Thursday, 3rd December: Thank you if you have returned your e-consent form but in case you...

15 November 2020

WLD Update for Parents & Carers Sunday 15th November 2020

Good morning, You can either watch the video version of this update or read the transcript below, whichever suits you best. Best wishes James...

13 November 2020

Autumn Term 16th November