WLD Update Sunday 4th November 2018

Support for each other

One of the main reasons why I choose to work at Walton-le-Dale is the support that students and staff show for each other.  I see it in countless ways each day, sometimes in the tragedies such as the ways in which everyone supported the friends of Tim Hindle, sometimes in…

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WLD Update Friday 26th October 2018

Enrichment Day

We finished the last half-term on a "high", with a wonderful first Enrichment Day of the year.  The centrepiece was the very large Careers Fair, which every student accessed, and many thanks to all the colleges and employers who contributed.  It was great to see an ex-student,…

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WLD Update Sunday 14th October 2018

Memorial for Tim Hindle

During Enrichment Day on Friday a number of students will be planting a tree and a lot of bulbs in our garden at the front of school in memory of Tim.   A suitable plaque will be designed and laid in the New Year.  A mural is also planned for inside "D" Block on a nature…

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Year 7 Reports to parents & carers

It has been great to see so many parents and carers of Year 7 students today at our settling-in evening.  This is an event to discuss how our new Year 7 have settled into life at Walton-le-Dale.  A couple of things have come up this evening which I thought would be worth…

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WLD Update Sunday 7th October 2018

Sometimes these updates will cover just one topic - and this is the case today.  We are making some changes to the way in which we report to parents and carers on your son or daughter's progress in school.

Firstly some principles

  • All our study of individual student results shows us one…
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WLD Update Sunday 30th September

The death of Tim Hindle has been affecting us this week, as you would expect.  His memorial service on Saturday was well attended by staff and students and we raised a lot of money in his memory at the Macmillan Coffee morning on Friday - it was busy as you can see from the photo above.  We are…

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WLD Update Sunday 23rd September

In any community or family there are times to be happy, times to celebrate, times to be sad and times to grieve.  This week the school has been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Tim Hindle  (Year 9 in Red section) from a brain tumour.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Tim's family and…

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WLD Update Sunday 16th September

It is Open Evening tomorrow (Monday).... Students will leave school at 12.20pm.  Many thanks to students who coming back in the evening to help - it is our showcase event of the year.  That being said, I know that I will be showing many parents and carers around school over the coming weeks and…

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School Improvement Planning

As everyone knows we were disappointed with the Ofsted report (that is putting it mildly!).  Having been a "Good" school for a decade and with no changes to the fundamentals of the school we are absolutely determined to restore our status as quickly as possible.  Consistency was our main issue -…

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Upcoming events (and a couple of reminders)

No sooner does term start than a number of important events are upon us!

Firstly, it is Year 11 Mentoring Evening on Wednesday, starting at 3.30pm and running until 6.30pm.  Each Year 11 has a personal mentor and Wednesday is the time when parents/carers meet with the mentor, along with the…

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Start of the new year!

The start of a new school year is always a time for reflection.  Many parents and carers will wonder where the time goes as students who started in Year 7 so recently now become our senior students and are facing GCSEs as Year 11.  As always it is wonderful to welcome our new Year 7 intake - we…

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