WLD Update Sunday 10th March 2019

We are rightly known for our support of students and their families, for our pastoral care and for our inclusive, child-centred ethos. We put a huge amount of effort into supporting students in making the right choices.  We recognise that young people make mistakes and we use a whole range of…

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WLD Update Sunday 3rd March 2019

On Friday Year 6s and their families found out which secondary school they are going to and we found out the names and addresses of our new Year 7s.  I am delighted to say that we are, once again, full in Year 7 and I am very much looking forward to welcoming our newest year group.  We have set up…

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WLD Update Sunday 24th February 2019

I hope that all our students have managed to have a break this last week.  I appreciate that for many parents and carers school holidays can be challenging so many thanks for your support.  There has been a lot of illness over the last few weeks amongst students, staff and families so I hope that…

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WLD Update Sunday 10th February 2019

Year 9 Options and Parents' Evening this week - a really important event in the life of our students.  Choosing options is always an important stage in a young person's life in school - it is the first time that they have had any control over what they study.  The government is keen that as many…

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WLD Update Sunday 3rd February 2019

Thanks to everyone for your support in getting your young people into school despite the ice and snow this week.  I hope that the coming week is less disrupted by the weather!   

We are a school which makes no excuses for the fact that we consider that strong relationships and exceptional…

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WLD Update Sunday 27th January 2019

On Friday, as our staff training (INSET) day, all the teachers from Walton-le-Dale joined with other schools from the Preston Teaching School Alliance (www.prestontsa.org.uk/), both secondary and primary, to consider how to improve teaching and learning.  In particular we looked at the importance…

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WLD Update Sunday 20th January 2019

Each week, in staff briefing, a member of staff shares a good idea related to teaching and learning - sometimes just a tip to help others, sometimes a major new idea.  On Friday this week Miss Mayor, Head of Opening Minds, was sharing how that team encourage students to take risks in their…

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WLD Update Sunday 13th January 2019

It has been a good, if busy, start to the term...  

The attitude of Year 8 and 9 to their examinations has been outstanding, particularly as they were straight after the Christmas break - we now wait and see what their results look like!  Year 11 have had their mock results and their mentors…

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WLD Update Sunday 6th January 2019

Happy New Year! 

I hope that you, your family, and those that you care for have had a good Christmas.  I wish you every success and happiness in the New Year.  Thank you for all that you do, alongside ourselves, to help to develop our young people into mature, responsible, compassionate,…

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WLD Update Sunday 16th December 2018


I love this time of year...  The Community Christmas Party is one of the highlights of the year at WLD and, once again, it was a lovely event.  Many thanks to the organisers, performers, presenters and helpers who made the day so successful.  Photos are here.  We will close at 12.20…

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WLD Update Sunday 9th December 2018

Enrichment Day 2

Despite the weather, Enrichment Day 2 was very successful, if very tiring!  Some of the pictures are on the website here.

Staffing updates

As most people will know we have a number of retirements of long-serving members of staff during the course of this year.  Mrs…

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WLD Update Sunday 2nd December 2018

Year 11 Mock examinations

These start tomorrow (Monday 3rd December).  The purpose of mock examinations is to enable students to tackle recent past papers under conditions close to those of the real exams.  It is very important for parents and carers, along with us, to manage Year 11 well…

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