"What If It's Us?" by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

Reviewed by Charlotte

Book Title: ‘What If It’s Us?’

Author: Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

Main Characters: Ben and Athur

Main Plot: Arthur meets a really good-looking guy in a post-office in New York.  He tries really hard to find this guy again and his hard work pays off.  They…

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"The Words that Fly Between Us" by Sarah Carrol

Reviewed by Jessica

Book Title: ‘The Words That Fly Between Us’

Author: Sarah Carrol

Main Characters: Lucy, her dad, Meghan and her mum.

Main Plot: Lucy’s dad is abusive towards her mum and Lucy can’t pluck up the courage to stand up to him.

Good Points: ‘I like that there is a…

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"The Key to Flambards" by Linda Newberry

Reviewed by Charlotte

Book Title: ‘The Key to Flambards’

Author: Linda Newberry

Main Characters: Grace, Marcus, Gravett, Jaime, Charlie, Adrian, Polly and Christina.

Main Plot: Grace’s ancestors used to live in Flambards and they have to save it from being closed down.

Good Points:

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"Music and Malice in Hurricane Town" by Alex Bell

Reviewed by Abi

Book Title: ‘Music and Malice in Hurricane Town’

Author: Alex Bell

Main Characters: Jude Lomax and Ivory Monnette.

Main Plot: Jude is possessed by a dead person’s spirit and she tries to escape.

Good Points: ‘The mystery and suspense was really good’

Would have…

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"The Gifted, the Talented and Me" by William Sutcliffe

Reviewed by Jessica

Book Title: ‘The Gifted, The Talented and Me’

Author: William Sutcliffe

Main Characters: Sam, Ethan, Freya, Jennifer, Felipe and Marina.

Main Plot: A team experiences the pain of moving and just trying to be ‘normal’ in a world/school full of ‘freaks’.


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"Dry" by Neal Shusterman

Reviewed by Abi

Book Title: ‘Dry’

Author: Neal Shusterman

Main Characters: Alyssa, her brother and an unlikely group.
Main Plot: There is a drought and a group goes in search of water.
Good Points: I liked how it could happen in real life, not just in stories.
Would have liked it more…

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