2 December 2022

The attitude of Year 11 to their mock examinations has been nothing short of amazing!  They have been focused, calm and organised which is a real credit to all involved.  Mock exams are tough because they come at a time where some topics have not yet been covered and revision has been limited.  They are also all packed into just over a fortnight!  

We know that all students need to work outside school hours in order to succeed (ask any Year 11 doing mocks at the moment!).  This is why, like all schools, we set homework to all students across all years.  From our discussions with parents, carers, students and staff we know that homework is significant issue for some students, for a variety of reasons:  sometimes it is about not being able to access the range of online platforms, sometimes it is about not being organised, sometimes it is being overwhelmed by the amount of work required, sometimes it is just not being bothered....  We are working hard behind the scenes and carefully looking at how homework is set and what we do when it is not completed.  This will be a major focus as we return to school for the new term in January,.

All years

  • Attendance: Did you know that every student in school has the opportunity to earn themselves three attendance badges throughout the school year? BRONZE = One term with 100%, SILVER = Two terms with 100%, and GOLD = Three terms with 100% - Mrs Gorrill would love to present as many bronze badges as possible at the end of this term! 
  • Bus Passes: Bus passes must be shown in the morning and afternoon when travelling on the school bus (including the school minibus). If your child does not have a bus pass, they cannot travel on the school bus.
  • Child Action Northwest: CANW are holding a Festive Fayre fundraiser on Saturday 10th December - please see poster here.
  • Free School Meal Vouchers: FSM vouchers have been granted for the Christmas period (2 weeks) totalling £30.00, (£15 for each week), you will receive these on Monday 19th December. Please ensure we have your correct email address; vouchers are sent automatically via Edenred to your email address. Please check you SPAM and JUNK folders.
  • Get cosy and read!: As we move into December, students have been set an ASPIRE Reading challenge: the Reading Advent Calendar returns (scroll to the bottom of the webpage).  Students can earn additional Classcharts points if they show their form tutors evidence of completing the challenge.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to read with your child or to talk to them about their reading. Books can be borrowed from the school library or from your local library.  
  • Christmas Lunch: This will be held on Tuesday, 13th December - please complete the online form by no later than 1.20pm on Thursday, 8th December.
  • 2023-2024 Term Dates: The term dates for the next academic year can now be found on the website here.  These follow the standard Lancashire pattern.

Year 11

  • Final Examination Date:  We can now confirm that the final date of national examinations for GCSEs is 21st June 2023.  A contingency day in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations in the United Kingdom is 28th June 2023.  Year 11 need to be available up to and including this date.


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