24 June 2022

Image of WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 24 June 2022

A lot in this update - apologies, it is a busy time of year!

All years


  • Attendance - from Mrs Gorrill, our attendance officer: It is important that your child is in school and on time every day. Where possible, please book any appointments outside of school hours. Depending on the nature of the appointment, we will usually authorise half a day, and evidence of appointments will be required. You can email these to: attendance@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk 
  • New school ties: On the first day back in September we will be swapping existing ties for the new ones for no charge, so please ensure your child continues to have a correct school tie up until the end of term.  We will charge for new ties where the old ones are not in a wearable condition (broken clip, drawn-on etc...)
  • Shin pads - notice from Mr Moore, Head of PE: For Sports Day (Friday 15th July), students will need shin pads for football in the morning. Without shin pads students will be not be able to play.  This is not a rule unique to our school - it is the case across all schools in our area.
  • Families of students using Moving People School Buses: Reminder - Due to driver shortages, Moving People have requested the changes. This started on the afternoon of 14th June, this will only affect the afternoon routes, the morning buses will stay as they are.  Week beginning the 27th June the 505 service will operate on the double decker only, the year 7 bus will not run for this week only. If you have not received the email, please contact school.
  • Year 6 Sampling Days: Students who are due to join us in September will be in school for two days next week, Wednesday, 29th and Thursday, 30th June; where they will stay in their form groups on Wednesday and then follow a sample timetable on Thursday. On Wednesday evening, year 6 parents are invited for the Intake Evening from 3.30pm.  I will be addressing parents at 3.45pm in the Arts Theatre and form tutors will be on hand to answer any questions/queries.  Staff will also be on hand in the dining room to assist with uniform / bus queries and extra-curricular activities. Please ensure Parentpay has been topped up so your child can buy snacks and lunches on these two days.
  • Primary Day:  Reminder to all parents & carers that the school will be closed to students on Friday 1 July for our Primary Day.
  • Trips Day: Thursday, 21st July: The closing date has now passed and you will be contacted shortly with further details regarding your child's chosen trip.
  • Message from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services:
    • Water Safety – The situation
      With temperatures soaring in the UK over next few days and the summer months ahead, it’s important to recognise that UK waters are still cold … so the weather might be hot, but the water is not and this is when we sadly see lives lost through cold water shock. Here the body is unable to adjust quickly enough to the temperature of the water and becomes weak very quickly, which can lead to tragedy.
    • Water Safety – Know the dangers
       As well as cold water shock there could be hazards underwater - shallow/hidden rocks or debris which could lead to life changing injuries. The water quality - in many areas, particularly unsupervised places which haven’t been risk assessed, is unlikely to be very good quality and could cause life threatening illnesses.
      Many areas of open water are in remote locations. If help is needed phone signals may be poor and help is likely to take longer to arrive than normal  - don’t take this risk.
    • Water Safety – Use the water safely
      Stick together and tell someone where you are going. This includes dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and anglers who often do these activities alone and don’t intend to go in the water in the first place – Do you know where your loved ones are?
      It is best to only swim in open water as part of an organised group where help will be on hand.
      If someone is in trouble in open water, don’t panic as this will quickly reduce strength. Instead try to float on your back like a starfish - float to live.
      If help is needed call 999 and ask for the Fire Service if inland and for the Coastguard if by the sea.

Year 7

  • Bushcraft Residential: Please see messages sent out earlier this week for those students who are attending this residential in July.
  • Year 7s will be moving up forms from Monday, 27th June; please see message sent out with your child's new form tutor.

Year 9

  • Prestons College Taster Day - Tuesday, 28th June: This trip is designed to give the students an insight into the courses and facilities available at college and, whether they are considering Preston College specifically or not, it is a great learning experience for all. We will leave school at 9am and return to school for 3pm, therefore please can you ensure your child arrives at school on time and in full school uniform. Those students who we have not received consent for will stay in school and follow their normal timetable.

Year 10

  • Enterprise Trip : Tuesday, 28th June - please see messages sent this week.
  • Manchester Science Museum Trip : Wednesday, 29th June - please see messages sent out this week.
  • Work Experience Week - Just a reminder that week commencing Monday 4th July all year 10's will be on Work Experience - please see message also from Miss Royal.Year 10 & 11
  • Letter from the Education Secretary:  this has been sent to parents/carers and students this week - click here

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