28 January 2022

Image of WLD Update for Parents & Carers - Friday 28 January 2022

Good afternoon.  As we approach the end of January we should acknowledge how difficult this period has been for everyone - students, staff and families.  We have all done remarkably well as a community and school is calm, kind and very stable despite all the challenges.  We are seeing a little bit of defiance and rudeness from a small number of students - we don't tolerate it so please have a word with your son or daughter if that issue is coming through on Classcharts.  We understand that students get tired and fed up occasionally, but we are a kind and friendly place and no-one comes here to deal with rudeness.  We seem to be having a bit of a battle with some students about homework for similar reasons - again, it is a pointless argument - we are a hard-working place, for staff and students, and working independently at home is a part of every student's life.  Please have a talk to your son or daughter if Classcharts is showing that homework is not being completed.

All years

For parents/carers of students with dyslexia: Please see poster on our website here.
Aspire Day - Wednesday 2nd February (Message from Mrs McLeod):  Please can you ask your child to double check which groups they are in and be aware of clothing requirements for specific activities. Can you also check that you have given consent for Newman College (Basketball); Runshaw College and Nuffield Health trips.

  • Basketball: PE kit with warm clothing over the top to travel in.
  • American Football: PE kit with warm clothing over the top.
  • Hockey: PE kit with warm clothing.  School socks, shin pads and gum shields are recommended.
  • Boxing: PE kits and sports clothing.
  • Health and Wellbeing gym visit: PE kit/ sports clothing suitable to walk in.
  • The Mural – Art: Suitable/old clothing to paint in and keep warm.
  • Gardening - Suitable/old clothing to garden in and keep warm.
  • Mindfulness – PE kit and something to keep warm over the top.

Uniform Policy Consultation:  Following the guidance provided by the government at the end of last term we are carrying out a review of our uniform policy.  We are seeking the views of parents, carers, students and staff on possible changes to our current uniform policy.   The parents/carers survey can be found here.  Please submit all responses by 9am on Monday, 31 January.

Year 9

Parents/Carers Evening - Wednesday 9th February: Bookings are now open for the virtual Parent/Carer Evening from 4.30-7pm.  We have also arranged that you can book appointments with our local colleges for that evening through the same system.  Please can you ensure when making appointments that you primarily book with those teachers whose subjects may be pursued as an option.  Please avoid using the "automatic booking" option as this books every single teacher and all the colleges! Further information can be found here.

Year 11
Year 11 Revision Guide: Your son/daughter has reached a critical point in his/her school career.  In order to allow us to work together to support them, teachers from all subjects have collaborated to produce this day-by-day revision guide.  Your child will be given a paper copy of this guide and an electronic copy is available on the website here. This guide also contains useful information for parents/carers.  Should you have any questions, or concerns regarding this plan, please contact your child's form tutor in the first instance. 

NCS delivered an assembly last week letting students know about the programme they are offering Year 11 students this summer, The itinerary is here for your information and here is the link for interested students to register. They will also be in school on Monday lunchtime.  This is an excellent programme for Year 11 once they have finished their exams.
Have a good weekend

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