19 November 2021

Good afternoon,

I have been talking to all students today about how good it is to see extra-curricular (what we call "co-curricular") activities starting up again - everything from basketball to sewing, from Amnesty to netball, from music to graphics....  Please encourage your son or daughter to take part in one or more of the activities on offer - it is a really positive part of school life. 

I have also been talking to students about the way in which they support and encourage each other and form strong friendships.  That strength of relationships between students and between students and staff is a defining characteristic of our school.  We have all kinds of systems to support students - form tutors, mentors, anti-bullying ambassadors, mental health ambassadors etc... etc..., but it is the strength of relationships and the way we talk to each other and support each other which is one of the best things about this school.

All years

  • Please remember that Thursday 25th and Friday 26th November are training days so school will be closed.  
  • Parent governors.  We really value the input of our parents into the governing body and the time has come for nominations and elections of parent governors.  You will find all the documentation here - the deadline for nominations is 12 noon on Monday 29th November.  If you would like an informal conversation about what might be involved in this role, please contact me at school.
  • Some of our students who cycle to school are still not wearing a cycle helmet - this is vital for their safety;
  • Late buses are for students who are staying for school activities or to work - not for those who just want to hang around for another hour!  Students should not be on site after school unless they are participating in after-school activities.
  • Hoodies have never been permitted in school - they are starting to reappear under blazers as the weather gets cooler.  School jumpers can be worn under blazers or coats over the top.  Hoodies cannot be worn in school.
  • Christmas:  One of our local churches, St Aidan's, has asked us to publicise their Christmas celebrations.  You will find the information here.

Year 7

  • Hothersall Lodge trip next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - please see the letter here

Year 9

  • DTP/ACWY - apologies for the delay in this form but we have now been informed that this glitch has been rectified.  Please follow the link below, at your earliest convenience, to complete the green YES form to consent to the vaccination or the red NO form if you do not want your child to receive the vaccine. The link will close on 30th November 2021.  https://www.nhsimms.uk/TDIPVACWY/information?Id=119743&Type=TDIPVACWY


Have a very good weekend,

James Harris




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