8 October 2021

Good afternoon,

Today has been the day of COVID vaccinations - thanks to everyone who worked so calmly behind the scenes to make it happen and for the mature way in which the students handled themselves.  It was great on Wednesday to meet parents and carers of our new Year 7s, many of whom had never been into our school because of the pandemic.  It was an informal afternoon/evening which gave families the chance to see around the school and to talk through any settling-in issues with the form tutors and the Head of Year, Miss Bailey.  This week has felt like a week in which we have been opening the school up to the community again because we have also been doing several tours for parents and carers of students who may want to join us in September 2022.  It has been lovely to show people around.

Year 10 work experience: Please see website link here for a copy of the Work Experience letter for Year 10 Parents/Carers. All students received the Self Placement form in assembly on Friday and this needs completing and returning to Miss Royal by the deadline. If your son/daughter was absent then they will need to collect a copy when they return to school. Any questions then please contact: k.royal@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk. Thank you for your support

Year 11 History students: Reminder for those year 11 students who do History that the Hoghton Tower trip needs consent/payment by next Friday, 15th October.

Year 10 Parents' Evening Wednesday, 20th October: This is an online event. Bookings are now open - https://waltonledale.schoolcloud.co.uk/.  Online parents' evenings worked very well during the past 12 months and save parents and carers a lot of travel and queuing so we are continuing with them.

Year 7 Hothersall Lodge trip 22nd/23rd/24th November: Just a reminder that this trip needs consent/payment by Friday, 22nd October. Letters can be found on our website here.

All Years - Nasal flu vaccination e-consent link: If you would like your child to receive the nasal flu vaccine in school please follow this link to complete an online consent form https://www.nhsimms.uk/FLU/information?Id=119743&Type=FLU. The vaccinations will take place at school on Friday, 19th November. Please note the link will close on Tuesday, 9th November.  If your child has already had the Nasal Flu vaccine since September 2021 please disregard this message. If you have any problems accessing the link please telephone 0333 358 3397, option 3. Kind regards, Immunisation team.

All Years: We have been informed that the bus strike has now been cancelled.

All Years - Piercings: Our uniform rules are clear and well publicised.  On the subject of piercings they say...."For health and safety reasons no jewellery should be worn in school other than a watch and single stud earrings.  Nose, tongue, face, body studs/bars etc are strictly prohibited as are acrylic nails or similar items.  Students who arrive in school with such items will do their work in isolation." We are seeing some piercings in school, unfortunately, so students have ten days to remove them.  From Monday 18th October (a week on Monday) any student who arrives in school with a piercing will be asked to remove it and it will be confiscated and can be collected by an adult (or returned to the student at the end of Friday).  If the piercing cannot be removed then the student will do their work in isolation (as the uniform policy says).  There is nothing new here, we are just enforcing the school's uniform policy.

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The image at the top of this update is from school today - a beautiful sky outside my office early this morning.

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