27 June 2021

Firstly, apologies for sending two updates in a short space of time - I missed a couple of things off the version on Friday:

ASPIRE day 3 will take place tomorrow (Monday 28th June) - notice from Mrs Wall: Students must come in full school uniform and with their pencil cases. Year 7 & 9 will be participating in PSHE activities and year 8 & 10 will be involved in careers workshops.

Lateness To School - notice from Mrs Gorrill: Please ensure your child arrives at school on time each morning. Registration is at 8.45am. Failure to arrive on time will result in an after school detention the following week. Arrival at school after 9.30am will result in your child losing a full mornings attendance, which is an 'unauthorised absence' (this can lead to a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority). 

Appointments in school time - notice from Mrs Gorrill: Please make appointments out of school time wherever possible. I understand that certain appointments cannot be avoided (hospital/orthodontist and certain emergency appointments). Should your child have an unavoidable appointment, please contact the Attendance Line and speak to Mrs Gorrill or leave a message. Evidence of medical appointments will be required - screenshots can be sent to: e.gorrill@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk 

Best wishes

James Harris



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