18 June 2021

Good afternoon,

A few COVID-related updates to start off with, unsurprisingly....

COVID:  As I said in Tuesday's update, after a long period where we have had almost no cases of COVID in our school population we have had a few days during which three year 7 students,  five year 8 students and 2 year 10 students have reported positive COVID tests.  This has meant that we have had to carry out contact tracing as required by Public Health England and we have therefore sent home over 260 students.  These are not cases being transmitted in school to the best of our knowledge, they are cases coming in from outside.  It is the contact tracing for 2 days before the test or symptoms that is required of us that is resulting in lots of students being sent home.  We have been in discussion with Lancashire Public Health and they have thanked us for the work on contact tracing that we have done and the procedures that we have put in place.  We are always happy to answer questions about our procedures, but please be aware that we are governed by guidance and rules from Public Health and follow them to the letter so the rules are not of our making!

Tests at home:  At this difficult time, please make sure that you are testing your son or daughter twice weekly at home.  We supply the test kits.  If you wish to take up the offer of testing and have not done so before please don't hesitate to contact us at school and we will sort out kits for your son or daughter.  The Secretary of State for Education has written to all parents and carers about this today - the letter is here.

Face coverings:  As we know face coverings are a requirement in schools currently.  Please ensure your son or daughter has one and a spare each day (along with a pack of wipes). If your child is exempt from having to wear a face covering then please let us know via the exemption form here.

And some more usual things....

Year 10 exams:  Exams will run as planned from Tuesday this week (the timetable is on the website here).  We will reschedule exams that students have missed due to COVID and will work out individual timetables for each student as they return.  Students must have their own equipment so please check this weekend that they have all they need.  All examinations are always written in black pen.

Year 8:  Reminder that it's Year 8 HPV injections on Tuesday 22nd June in school.

ASPIRE day:  There will be an ASPIRE day on Monday 28th June for Years 7 to 10.  These days allow year groups to work on aspects of the wider curriculum - careers, relationships education, PSHE... and are always very valuable.  The normal timetable is suspended for the day

Thanks for your support over what has been a challenging week.  Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

Best wishes

James Harris


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